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Making A Healthy Marriage Work

A healthy marriage is what most couples have at the start of their union. You probably experienced the same thing. At the onset, everything seemed to be like a never-ending honeymoon. The wedding was perfect, no hitches in sight, the days after were filled with romance and adventure, and you wished everything would just remain the same. That all these wonderful things would go on and on and not stop.

But stop it did. The adventure turned to toil, the romance turned to petty quarrels, the marriage seeming nothing like what you imagined it to be. Everyone goes through some rough times, and most couples are also experiencing what you are going through right now. Its not the end of the road; there are ways to maintain that healthy marriage no matter how long it has been. There are many ways to keep the romance strong and the marriage healthy.

Professional counseling and help can cost quite sum of money and this would drain the resources which may already be quite scarce at this point. There are other ways to keep your marriage strong. These are time-tested principles you can put into practice to make your marriage work just fine. Learning from the experience of other couples and putting into practice what they have accomplished is one way for you to keep your own marriage strong and healthy. Since most other couples are going through the same struggles, knowing how they came through would be a great start for your own marriage.

Although there arent any specific formulas that can apply to everyone, it just needs some practice to make things work for you. Really, all you need to do to keep a healthy marriage is to bear in mind that you can make things work. The great thing about this is that the healthy marriage you want to create is right in your hands. All you have to do is just spend some time looking at the resources you need and then spending some more time putting them to practice. You can do that right now and the rewards would last for many more years to come.

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Healthy Kids Make a Mother's Heart Smile

There are things that make a mother’s heart “smile”. Things that make us feel like we’re doing a great job as a mom and that all is right with the world.

Like most moms, my list includes things like listening to my kids in the midst of major belly laughter, cuddling with them, watching them sleep, ‘catching’ them play together in some great imaginary world, reading together, listening to them pray, going for a walk with them, peaceful moments of sweetness, watching them run and jump and play, holding hands with them, really big hugs, giving them the freedom to really be kids, witnessing them learn a new skill or a new piece of knowledge, spending quality family time together… the list goes on forever!

Sure, motherhood has its share of less-than-rosy moments, too, but overall we are so blessed to be moms.

I notice that one of the things that really makes my heart smile occurs when I see “it” all come together. When I can see the principles that I’ve been teaching in practice and writing about for so many years, the principles of Health and Wellness that I believe so strongly in, come to fruition in my own children, it’s a feeling of fulfillment that’s hard to match.

When it comes to creating optimal health and happiness, I use “The Wellness Formula” as a guide. The Wellness Formula simply states that in order to achieve a state of Wellness, we must make lifestyle choices that are pure and sufficient (meeting our body’s innate genetic requirements for health), while simultaneously reducing or eliminating toxic and deficient lifestyle choices. We need to make these healthier choices consistently over an extended period of time in order to create optimal health and happiness.

“Lifestyle” can be broken down into 3 main components: how we move, how we eat and how we think. These categories encompass every component of our lives: how much and how often we move, what type of movement we do, what we eat, how we eat, the quality and quantity of our food, what supplements we take, our stress levels and our response to stress, life balance, sleep patterns, what we’re feeding our brains, our belief systems, our emotions, our outlook on life, our spiritual connection… everything!

In each of these areas health and balance are created when we add purity and sufficiency, and limit toxicity and deficiency.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making better choices more often. We have a mantra in our family, “Fill up with Health FIRST.” This means, make sure you give your body, mind and soul what it needs everyday… do that consistently. You don’t have to say “never” to the toxic and deficient things, just say “yes” to them less often, and always choose pure and sufficient things first.

In the case of my kids, I love it when I see them eating and enjoying pure and sufficient foods, or when I see them moving their bodies with sheer power, energy and joy, or when I notice shared moments of perfect happiness and connection with them. I know that in these moments, they’re meeting the needs of their bodies and hearts. I know it’s the best chance they have to create optimal health and balance.

Since I’m so passionate about Wellness-based nutrition, some of my heart’s biggest “smiles” happen when I prepare an ultra healthy, delicious meal for my family, loaded with fresh, clean foods. There’s something about the entire process, the entire scene, that resonates deeply with me and makes me feel like I’m doing something really important for them. When I take the time to prepare a healthy meal, set a nice table for my family (nothing fancy, trust me!), and we all sit down together, pray, share great conversation and everyone enjoys the great food… ahhhh… fulfillment!

(You and I both know that this scene doesn’t happen every single meal! C’mon, we ARE a real family, too! I just do my best to create this setting for the majority of our meals each week.)

It doesn’t even have to be an entire meal that elicits this response in me. I feel the same thing in the mornings when I start their day with a heaping plate of fruit. They usually have 4 -6 different fresh fruits on their plate each breakfast. I still get a kick out of it each and every morning – how happy they are with their plate of fruit and how quickly they gobble it up! I follow it up with a serving of protein shortly after. A little thing like that gives me the satisfaction of knowing we’re meeting their nutritional needs right from the get-go each day.

Who knows what toxicity and deficiency they’ll encounter as their day goes on… as their life goes on! For now, my heart is smiling and fulfilled when I see their overall health and happiness being created one meal at a time, one moment at a time.

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Are you confused by the overwhelming, often contradictory health information these days? Concerned that your family may not be as healthy as they could be? So you feel stressed out and exhausted… and just too darn tired to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes? I’m here to help! My name is Dr. Colleen Trombley, also known as Dr. Mom Online. I have a knack for simplifying Health and helping busy women restore balance to their lives. (Of course, nearly every single thing I teach also applies to men! Don’t worry, guys!)

Living a Healthy and Fit Life

To live life healthy and fit, many people feel that they will have to sacrifice the things they love. This could not be further from the truth. When you are healthy and fit, your body will function better, you will have more energy, your brain will work at peak performance, you will accomplish more, you will be happier, and simply enjoy life more. The great news is you can have and achieve all of these things while looking better and younger.

You will have more energy and be more active. By eating the right foods and keeping your body in shape, you will see a boost in your energy level. This boost will benefit you professionally personally. You will be less lethargic at work or school and have more energy in your spare time to enjoy the activities you love. This increased energy level will make you more confident and draw others to you.

Younger feeling and looks is another added perk to the healthy and fit lifestyle. Compared to others that eat and drink in excess, you will look and feel fresher and brighter to the people around you. This too will help in both your professional career and personal life. A younger appearance and energy level will make people more confident in you and though this seems shallow, more people will be attracted to you.

A clear mind is one of the best benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Your brain will be free to work on the objective at hand, not cluttered with chemicals and toxins created by a poor diet and lack of exercise. Your memory will be better and you will accomplish more. This makes you more dependable in the eyes of others and you will be rewarded for it.

Less downtime, by eating right and exercising you will get sick less often. Even if you do come down with something, your body will be in bette shape to fight it off and you will be back to feeling great sooner than most.

All of the benefits are great alone, but combined, they lead to something even greater. Together all of these will help you lead a happier more fulfilling life. You will accomplish more and live longer. Consult with an expert in diet and exercise today and get on the road to a happier, healthier, fit lifestyle.

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Having a Healthy Pregnancy

All of us are looking forward from having children. We hope and desire to become pregnant. However, before making the leap to having children, we should think about many things. This article provides you things to consider to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body so you want to make sure that you are healthy. Many people think or claim they are healthy but their lifestyle and habits tell a different story. Things we do today could have huge consequences in the future and so it is a good idea to get into good health promoting habits now especially if you want to make absolutely sure your pregnancy will be a health one.

First of all it is worth improving your diet. This can be easy to do and you can take it slow if you need to. Adding more raw foods into your diet is a great starting point. Try to eat as much fruit as you desire before each meal and aim for a large green salad daily. Also try to cut out caffeinated drinks and juices (unless you are squeezing the juice fresh at home). Caffeine has been shown to delay concept and has a correlation with infertility. Eating more raw foods and cutting out unnecessary empty calories can be easy as it doesn’t require you to change too much of your diet. Once you have nailed this, you can then go on to making your meals healthier. Being healthy doesn’t mean being complicated. Healthy food can be very easy to prepare and you don’t necessarily have to cook to enjoy a satiating meal.

Healthy eating will also ensure that you main a healthy weight. If you are underweight or overweight, these can cause problems with your pregnancy. Many overweight women find themselves suffering from gestational diabetes, while women who are underweight tend to have low birth weight babies.

Besides eating right, you should also make sure you are exercising. Movement is important to health and well being. Walking daily is a great form of exercise and something you can do in your pregnancy do. The most important aspect of exercise is find things you enjoy doing. Maybe buy a trampoline and use it every other day, while the other days you go for a run or a walk or a dance class. Enjoy it and it won’t seem like exercise but just fun. Swimming and cycling are also great activities to get moving.

Lastly quit smoking, drugs and alcohol. These will affect your pregnancy, ability to conceive and can contribute to miscarriage.

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Do You Recognize These Things That Make Your Cooking Inconsistent?

Today’s cooking tip: Guessing does not help to make cooking easy. In fact, guessing doesn’t help your cooking at all and will make your cooking inconsistent. Think about it… people don’t guess at things they’re sure and confident in:

•  You don’t guess whether your left foot will follow your right in walking
•  You don’t guess how to drive your car today, you’ve practiced
•  You don’t guess how successful you’ll be, you plan it and work the plan

If you’re like most people that are frustrated with their cooking, it’s because of the guessing. Guessing helps to put mystery into cooking, causing fear and disappointment.

It may help to take a deeper look at this cooking dilemma. In fact, there are two things that people guess at, things they can’t see and things they can see.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” versus “I’ll see it when I believe it”

If you change the way you think about cooking, you may be able to stop the guessing and make cooking easy. Let me help you by taking a look at some of the things that you may be guessing while you are cooking.

1.  “Medium Heat” – How do you test to see if the heat is “medium heat”? Do you hover your hand over the burner?
2.  When meat is done – Do you poke or gash your meat to take a look inside?
3.  How much of an ingredient to use – Do you tell yourself, “this LOOKS like enough”? Do you often wonder if you should be adding one more pinch?
4.  What spice and how many spices to use – You can’t SEE flavor, how do you know? (Cooking Tip: Eventually, with some practice, you will be able to attach your palate to the amount that you eye can see to help you to stop guessing.)
5.  How much to cook for portions – Are you guessing on how much dry rice to cook? What about dry pasta? Do you know how much chicken you should be cooking or are you guessing?
6.  What your food tastes like – Most people, especially when following a recipe, won’t taste the food that they’ve cooked until it’s on a plate already served at the table. You should be tasting as you cook to help you to take the guessing out of cooking and make it easy.

If you guess at things you can’t see, you can’t quantify your cooking. Cooking is all about being able to quantify. In the next blog post, I’m going to give you some visual tips or clues to help you to stop guessing and reduce stress and frustration while you cook.

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Oven Cooking Tips For The Teen Cook

As our children begin to age, they are more inclined to wanting to do new things to show off their independence. One of the most common things teens and pre-teens want to do in the house is oven cooking. Here are some great tips you should follow to help your youngster use the oven safely.

1. Explain the importance of preheating the oven for meals. Children of all ages tend to have a low tolerance for patience so you should reiterate the importance of all safety tips with oven cooking.

2. Make sure your young cook knows where the fire extinguishers in your home are.

3. Show him or her where the pot holders, meat thermometer and so forth are.

4. Explain what the appropriate and safe temperatures the foods need to be cooked at internally.

5. Dont allow your child to cook without adult supervision.

6. Teach your child the differences between the various pans you have and explain which ones are used in the oven and which ones can not be used in the oven.

7. It is vital that your child understands the importance of proper food handling and hand washing prior to having free range of the oven.

There are several easy recipes for young cooks to utilize all over the internet. Depending on how responsible your child is they can even move up to some slightly more complicated recipes for cooking. Again, food preparation and cleansing is essential to instill in your child. No matter how simple or complex the recipe is, you child should know about the various bacteria that can be transmitted from person to food, food to food, food to surface and so on.

As you give your child the independence of the kitchen, you dont have to necessarily be letting go of your baby. Instead, you can make oven cooking a time you and your child bond over. Oven cooking with your child is a great way to open up conversation about the daily activities and really get to know your child on a more “adult” level. You will soon find that you are seeing your child on a more independent scale without having to actually let them go.

Taking the time to teach your child about safe healthy oven cooking is the best way for you to open the doors of communication on an entirely new level. Your child will see that you know he or she is growing up, you are giving them more freedoms within the home and yet you are holding them to a level of expectation that they can meet while having fun.

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Useful Cooking Tips and Techniques For Your Home Cooking

Cooking is indeed enjoyable. It is also one thing that most people want to learn because we always deal with food every day. We please our family with our good cooking skills; we impress our partners with great dinners; we want to cook for ourselves to make sure we eat healthy; indeed, cooking is one thing we want to learn and we want to do it good.
We all have our own practices in the kitchen that make our cooking easy and smooth sailing. The more we cook the more cooking tips and techniques we discover. If you are looking for some cooking tips and techniques to add to your list, below are some that you might find helpful.
* If you want to cook ahead of time and store food in freezers, make sure to know what food is not good for the freezer. Do not freeze boiled eggs, as it will cause the egg whites to become watery. Freezing will also cause the mayonnaise to separate and milk to curdle.
* Freezing is also not friendly to cooked potatoes, as it will darken them and create an unattractive texture. To keep the color of sliced potatoes, place them cold water until they are ready for cooking. This will also improve its crispiness if you intend to fry them. You can also whiten them by putting a few drops of lemon during boiling.
* To enhance the flavor of stewed chicken, let it stand in its broth until it cools down before cutting it into chunks.
* If you are barbequing, brush the grate with cooking oil or spray with vegetable cooking spray to prevent the barbeque from sticking. When fire flares up during barbequing, sprinkle a little water over the flames. Be sure also to remove the barbeque before the fire will burn one side of the meat. To lessen overbrowning of your barbeque, you can apply the sauce only 20 minutes before it is done.
* You can drop lettuce leaves in your soups, gravies and other dishes to get rid of the extra oil. You will notice the oil will easily cling into the leaves so you can easily get rid of them.
* When baking cookies, it is best to make similar shapes and sizes so you can arrange them in even rows and that they will heat evenly. Large spaces in between the cookies can cause them to burn. Do not also leave cookies in the hot baking sheet after they are cooked as this will continue to cook or may burn them.
There are a lot of cooking tips and techniques that we can actually learn when we spend time in the kitchen. These tips and techniques do not only make our cooking easy, it is also very useful to preserve the nutrients, the color and texture as well as the flavor of our food. Knowing some cooking tips and techniques also helps us a lot in mastering the art of cooking. 

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A Simple Healthy Cooking Planner

A Simple Healthy Cooking planner.

There are three main steps to get into a routine for healthy cooking and eating. It really is not hard to eat more healthily, but it is best to do some planning first and a of bit of dedication from you. The first thing in learning to cook more healthfully is to plan, the second thing is to go shopping, and the third thing is simply to cook healthy.

Planning ahead for the next meal. You should plan to figure out which days you will have to cook an evening meal, by planning the schedule of your whole family. You should also plan what meals you will have each day, make notes. So you can Keep track of each meal, side dish, and any other foods which you want, in order to prepare and serve the meal. You can put a menu on your frige, so your family can see what is for dinner each day. Planning is easier if you do it in two or three weeks periods, change your meal options at the end of each week. Most families tend to eat the same 10 or 15 recipes over and over, which is why this routine is good. If you are in need of more recipes, consult cookbooks or online cooking websites to find new healthy cooking recipes.

What shopping involves deciding which ingredients you already have, then making a shopping list and buying the foods that you are have missing. When you go shopping, you should only buy the items that are on your shopping list. Never to go the shopping for healthy food when you are feeling hungry because you will end up buying food that you do not need.

You should always start by planning for the next days meal tonight. Any preparation that can be done should be done now, such as taking frozen meat out to defrost overnight. You can sort out all of your ingredients together so that you will not have to go find items the next day if time is short. You should prepare as much of the next days meal as you can, by cutting up any fruits or vegetables and keeping them in water, or cooking anything you can for that dish. You can even put a whole meal together and leave it in the fridge for cooking tomorrow. Making preparations tonight so that tomorrow is less stressful it is well worth the effort.

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Cooking on a Busy Schedule

Everyone knows that food cooked at home by ourselves is much healthier and leads to greater satisfaction than take-out or restaurant food. Yet many of us aren’t able to arrange things so as to make it possible to do so. Cooking on a busy schedule is nowhere near as difficult as one might think, but it does require a little thinking and planning. Once a schedule has been established it is actually very simple.

The key to the whole enterprise is commitment. The cook must be committed to the process, and so must those who consume the meals. Each individual should make a list of half a dozen meals that they would really like to have. They should also make a shorter list, one or two items, of things that they absolutely refuse to eat. Armed with that list and the sale flyer from the local supermarket, the cook should be able to compose a menu. First-timers should not attempt to plan a whole 21 meal week, just the five weekday dinners. These are, after all, the real obstacle to home cooking. Once the weeknights have been dealt with, the cook will find it quite easy to segue into a 21 meal week.

There are techniques that will prove invaluable to accomplishing the goals set forth in this plan. First, use the freezer. When preparing a meal, even on the weekend, prepare several. The pots and pans are out and the stove and oven are on, take advantage of the fact. This saves not just time, but energy as well. Freeze the premade meals, and any leftovers as well. Leftovers are a fact of life with home cooking; by freezing them the cook can spread out the interval between serving the leftovers and the original meal, reducing the inevitable complaints. Getting the rest of the household to chip in is also a valuable technique, even if it’s just making the salad.

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