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Creating A Healthy Office Environment

If you lease Las Colinas office space, you no doubt want to make sure your employees (and you!) enjoy a healthy, productive office environment. But what can you do to take your dull, lifeless office space into one that inspires productivity and efficiency?

If you want to avoid burnout, thus lowering stress and worker error, you owe it to yourself to turn your Las Colinas office space into one that places emphasis on a healthy environment.

Heres how to take your Las Colinas office space from bland to beautiful and healthy!

Las Colinas office space should be one that inspires, but you also must provide an area for your employees to distress and decompress. Beautiful artwork, a large window or simply a quiet spot where you employees can give their eyes and their minds a rest from the rigors of blaring computer screens and shrill phone ringers is a must for a healthy office environment. In other words, all of your Las Colinas office space need not be geared toward productivity, as this could backfire on you and create an atmosphere where your employees stress levels are up and their creativity is down.

Be aware of the lighting in your Las Colinas office space. Sure, you need plenty of task lighting to get the job done, but you also need to provide natural light in your space wherever you can. From writing at their desks to scanning the bookshelves, you need to ensure that task lighting is adequate as to prevent eye strain. However, all task lighting and no natural lighting will no doubt have a negative effect on your employees mood, so be kind to their disposition and give them loads of natural light to calm and invigorate.

Never underestimate the power of fresh air and plants. Stale office air does nothing for the health of your employees, so add plants wherever and whenever possible. Remember: plants not only provide fresh air to your Las Colinas office space, but they are also pleasing to the eye! If you can find Las Colinas office space with easily accessible outdoor space, your employees will thank you for it! Use this opportunity to create a Zen garden or meditation space for your employees so they can bail when stressed and come back feeling refreshed and renewed!

Use organizational techniques, whenever possible, to reduce stress and increase efficiency. If necessary, call in the experts to create beautifully organized office spaces for your employees. Youd be surprised to know that you will most certainly see a return on your investment, as your employees efficiency and productivity are sure to increase, thereby providing many benefits to your companys bottom line.

Think ergonomics when designing your Las Colinas office space. The health of your employees especially those who sit behind their desk for the better part of the day relies on their comfort. Do what you need to do in terms of ergonomically friendly desks, chairs and computer accessories to ensure that your employees bodies (and therefore their minds) are comfortable and properly positioned throughout the day.

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An exquisite cooking experience in provincial France

Tastes of Burgundy is an experience set to delight the senses of cooking enthusiasts with a penchant for French cuisine and a drop of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. Commencing in May 2011,Tastes of Burgundy will be running cooking schools in the iconic gourmet region of eastern France, La Bourgogne (Burgundy). 

Each Tastes of Burgundy experience will be individually led by the crème de la crème of the industry; Frenchman Manu Feildel from the one hat L’Etoile in Sydney and television co-host of My Kitchen Rules; Christine Manfield of the famed two hat, Universal in Darlinghurst, Sydney and Annie Smithers from her eponymous bistro in the regional Victorian town of Kyneton.

Each of the renowned foodies have signed up to teach two one-week schools  in May, June and July 2011. Each week will include three “cooking days”, involving market visits (Dijon, Beaune and Chalon or Autun), menu design and afternoon cooking classes, culminating in an exquisite dinner each evening.

Fine food and wine aficionados will delight in eight days of sumptuous local food and wine in Burgundy with their chosen chef, whilst cooking and residing at a stunning 18th century chateau just outside the village of Meursault. The chateau is set in 6-hectare parklands, complimented by traditional antique décor, a sunny outside terrace and in-ground swimming pool. 

Each week will incorporate three “cooking days”, involving market visits, (Dijon, Beaune and Chalon or Autun), menu design and an afternoon cooking class in the chateau kitchen, culminating in a delectable dinner each evening.

The non-cooking days will be packed full of trips and experiences including; barrel tastings in a stunning 14th century cellar; a visit to local artisan farm – one of France’s finest produces of cherve, and the must see Hospice of Beaune.

Participants will also dine in restaurants ranging from small bistros to the stunning Abbaye de la Bussiere, a former monastery, now Relais & Chateaux accommodation and Michelin-star gastronomic restaurant and bistro. A farewell degustation dinner created by the talented hands of Chef de  Cuisine, Eric Pras, and his team at the famous three-star Michelin restaurant, Lameloise in Chagny, will conclude the week savoring the Tastes Of Burgundy.

The week is all-inclusive, from first arrival and pick-up in Le Creusot, seven nights accommodation in a beautiful chateau, cooking classes, cultural visits, transport for the week, all meals, wine, spirits, champagne and the return transfer to Le Creusot for onward travel.

Participants must make their own travel arrangements to and from Le Creusot (which is serviced from Paris by the TGV high speed train). 

Tastes of Burgundy is an opportunity to travel with one of three of Australia’s acclaimed chefs to a region of the world that is eponymous for its produce, food and wine. A complete culinary experience from the beginning to the end.

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