Best Healthy Weight Loss

Best healthy weight loss 
I found this “best-healthy-weight-loss” guide and I have used it for some time and it is truly saved my life.
It is amazing to see the amount of people who think that the surest way to lose excess pounds is by starvation and though it might yield some result immediately, but no physician in his right mind would advocate such a desperate measure. The best Healthy weight loss diets are only ever recommended since such radical steps only leave the body weak with an even weaker immune system. The best healthy weight loss diets would advocate two things: keep the calories limited to the exact requirement and supply the body with necessary nutrients during dieting.

Most people do not take the need for good rest too seriously in the overall maintenance of good health, as it is equally important as burning all the excess calories which accumulate in the fat in the body. Most people do not realize that it is not just because they are eating the wrong foods that is causing them to gain weight. Often it is the women’s magazines which are too blame for pushing crazy diets based on little scientific fact expecting the overweight person to live on a specific type of food and then expect them to believe that this is a healthy weight loss plan. Take the instance of taking boiled vegetables with chicken, salad and fruits: while this is not bad to begin with, it is to be remembered that a healthy weight loss diet would include several other nutrients which simply boiled vegetables may not contain. The vast majority of individuals consuming a diet that is lead up of these food groups may lose weight and feel a little better but will finally fail in their healthy weight loss as they become unbelievably bored by the same food every day.

To start off, you need to have a well balanced diet and perform a regular exercise in order to lose weight effectively. If you have enough determination and patience, you will easily be able to achieve your goals. It’s that simple, but difficult at the same time. Staying consistent can be tough for the majority of individuals. Losing weight isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change. It can’t be looked at any other way.

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Keep in mind that drinking eight glasses of water each day is important as it helps increase the metabolism of the body and burn calories faster. Water also helps clean out your body, helping to eliminate toxins. Choosing water over sodas and coffee will help you cut back on empty calories that can be replaced with wholesome, healthy food.

When it comes to achieving long-term weight loss, the only real solution is a healthy approach. Gradual weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes will produce long-lasting results not only in terms of pounds lost – you’ll also feel better. 
Guided by simple dieting principles, the healthy weight loss concept reveals the way to lasting weight loss success.

I will show you the keys to losing weight, and keeping it off. We give you the information you need to lose fat, not muscle.
If you are not confident with your body shape like I was, you will have more confidence in yourself if you have a better body shape.
We will show you all the information you need in order to start your own weight loss program. We will provide you with suggestion on various healthy weight loss plans. We will give you suggestions about the ways to lose weight, as well as the experience from people who were able to do it successfully. As mentioned, there will also be a lot of suggestions on the products which have been proved to be safe and useful.

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My name is Robert Kumana. I have always loved sharing my discoveries with people around me and online but the healthy weight loss?topic, to me, is the most important topic I have ever shared with anyone out there wanting to change their health. The ultimate goal of this article is to save people’s lives like mine was saved.

How Indoor Plants Keep You Healthy

When you think of a house plant, you probably think of a green plant that you water occasionally right? But did you know that those pretty green leaves can actually be beneficial to your health? Having indoor house plants can boost your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Many people thing growing indoor house plants is too much trouble so they turn to the silk variety for green foliage in their homes. But there really is a different in how your home feels when the plants are real. Did you know that living plants can actually improve the air we breathe? Green plants are known for removing carbon dioxide from the air, but they can also filter harmful toxins and pollutants as well. This will make the air in your home healthier for your family, which in turn can help to keep your family healthier as well!

In addition to helping to purify the air, having house plants in your home can actually help prevent allergies in children. If children are exposed early in life to things that typically cause allergy issues they will begin to develop a tolerance and immunity to the allergen. It works similar to custom allergy shots that people get from their allergist. The allergist does an allergy test then makes a serum of the things that the person is allergic to. The person gets weekly shots of this serum to help them build a tolerance. Exposing your family to house plants can work in the same way, by helping them build a tolerance to the plants in your home. It is important to note that if someone in your family has severe allergies you should talk to their doctor before introducing house plants into their environment.

In addition to the physical health benefits of house plants, they help with mental health as well. When someone is depressed or lonely, caring for a living thing can help give them a purpose in life. Many people live in places where pets aren’t allowed, so a house plant is a good choice. The person becomes involved in watering, fertilizing and trimming the plant when needed. This is a great therapy for people with mental health issues.

Being surrounded by living things is good for the soul, so having house plants is good for your spiritual health. Caring for another living thing and being exposed to the beauty can make you feel at peace with the world or at the very least your little corner of the world.

There are so many advantages to having house plants. However, there is no health benefit in a sick or dead plant. Make sure you water your plants regularly and mix slow release fertilizer in the soil about every three months. If you care for your plants, they will give you years of beauty and the added benefit of clean air, better mental health and calming peace.

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Ginger Root?s Variety Of Uses

Not just a seasoning, Ginger Root can also be a very good choice to battle illness and its symptoms. This potent root safeguards the stomach and it is valuable in dealing with intestinal issues, cleansing the colon. Though powerful enough to relieve nausea resulting from chemotherapy treatments, ginger is also mild enough to soothe colicky babies or the morning sickness of pregnant moms. Whether it’s diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting or motion sickness, Ginger is a reliable remedy.

Ginger reduces muscle spasms and cramping, making it an effective treatment for muscle pain along with the discomfort related to menstruation. Given that it helps stimulate the circulatory system, it can also help ease poor circulation.

These qualities complement Ginger Root’s anti-inflammatory components making it a very good choice when managing osteoarthritis pain. Ginger has been valuable in handling the symptoms related to ulcerative colitis. Studies suggest that this herb may reduce cholesterol levels and help prevent blood clots. Further research has found that ginger may have some anticancer activity.

A powerful antioxidant, effective antimicrobial and an anti-viral: Ginger Root helps fend off pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses. Furthermore, these characteristics make it a good selection for healing poultices placed on wounds.

When ingested, this herb is effective in safe guarding the liver, the cleansing of the kidneys, and helping your body expel toxins. It is traditionally utilized to treat the common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches and other pains.

It’s no surprise this herb is found in many time-honored tonics and herbal cleansing blends. Within our family, we like to utilize it within a tea at the earliest sign of congestion and enjoy the flavor it contributes to stir fry dishes. Search for strategies to incorporate this advantageous herb in your daily life today.


Mince a Tbsp each of ginger root and fresh garlic, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to taste.

Place ingredients inside a cup and add eight ounces of boiling water. Allow this to steep covered for ten minutes. Filter this through a sieve and sip the liquid.


Have this first thing in the morning before eating.

In a blender, puree the following until smooth. Adjust the ingredients to suit your taste preferences.

* one inch fresh ginger, minced

* one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

* one clove of garlic

* two Tbsp apple cider vinegar

* one apple, chopped small

* half a small beet, diced

* one stick celery, chopped small

* several sprigs of parsley, chopped small

* 1 cup filtered water

The apple cider vinegar helps the oil and water emulsify. Garlic loses its potency once it is cut. As a consequence it is best to drink it immediately, before it starts to separate.

If you wish to increase the effects of this tonic, increase the number of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and the number of garlic cloves over the span of a few days. On the 2nd day utilize two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and two cloves, on the 3rd day use three tablespoons and 3 cloves, and so forth, but don’t go beyond five tablespoons and cloves.

Blend and enjoy!

NOTICE: This article is for the reader’s information and enrichment. This is not presented in lieu of sound medical guidance. The opinions and ideas expressed are fallible and that of the author. Readers are asked to be well-informed and draw their own conclusions.

A powerful antioxidant, efficient antimicrobial and an anti-viral: Ginger Root helps fend off pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Healthy Approach To Six Pack Abs

How do you lose belly fat? That seems to be the million dollar question. Many people say the key is to obey. But, Im going to give you a more thorough answer to the question how do you lose belly fat in this article. A firm, flat stomach is the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. But researchers have also found that losing abdominal fat is one of the most important things you can take to stay healthy for life.

While you probably realize that excess fat is unhealthy, you should also know that where the fat is distributed is key to health. People who are fattest in the abdomen (the so called apple shaped body) have a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes than those with pear shapes (fattest in the hips, buttocks, and thighs). You wont be surprised to learn that the best way to lose abdominal fat is to eat right and exercise regularly. And there’s a growing body of evidence showing that the quickest way to burn off the fat from your belly is with a mix of weight-training and aerobic exercise.

One study tracked 30 obese women for six months. The women were assigned to either a control group, an aerobic exercise group, or a combined exercise group.The aerobic exercise group did a full hour of cardio exercise for six days a week. The combined exercise group did weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and aerobic exercise on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

At the end of the six month period, the women in the aerobic group had lost 23.1 cm of abdimonal subcutaneous fat while the combined group lost 61.8 cm, nearly three times as much. The combined group also did better on the abdominal visceral fat measure with 93 cm lost compared to 82 for the aerobic only group. There was no change in the control group.

How do you lose belly fat starts with developing a combined exercise plan that is strenuous. 30 minutes a few times a week wont cut it. You need a full body training program combining cardiovascular and resistance exercises. You dont need to do hundreds of crunches, sit ups or any of the complicated routines being touted by the six pack abs hype machine. The key to losing belly fat is to burn more calories than you eat. These fancy exercises dont burn the kind of calories you need in order to be really successful.

Getting killer abs has a lot less to do with training and everything to do with lowering your total body fat. The next step is to eat the right foods. There is a lot of conflicting information on nutrition. From the Adkins eat no carbs people to those who eschew all fats, there are radicals on every side.

How do you lose belly fat starts with taking in enough protein to maintain muscle mass. At least 20 to 30 percent of your diet should come from fats. Then, you balance your carbs around the other two factors depending on whether you want to lose weight or not. And if you are trying to lose belly fat, you do want to lose weight. You must take in fewer calories than you burn.

How do you lose belly fat? Basically, if you lose the excess fat in your system, your belly will go away too.

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Eat Well and Stay Healthy While Traveling in Southeast Asia

You and your family just arrived in Southeast Asia after a long international trip. A different world of smells and sounds and sights overwhelm you. The food smells different and bugs are everywhere.  But don’t worry.  You can still eat well and retain your digestive health.  In fact, considering the amount of antacids American’s swallow each year, you might be able to improve it.

Here are tips to eating well and staying healthy in Southeast Asia. For more medical and nutrition advice click here.  

Indulge your passion for local fruits. 

Most of the edible fruits native to Southeast Asia also promote digestive health.  Papayas and mangoes are especially good for the digestive track. Chilled papaya drizzled with fresh squeezed lime juice is delicious for breakfast.

Also, mandarin oranges are good even if they’re small.  Larger oranges may not look orange at all, their skin can be quite green. But this does not mean they are not ripe. They are. Ask your shop keeper or market vendor to open one up for you so you can taste it.  

You’ve never tasted bananas and pineapple until you’ve eaten them fresh in Southeast Asia.  The apples are tart but can be baked with a bit of cinnamon.  Star fruit is a delicious substitute for apples.  Don’t be afraid of coconut — the meat, oil or milk.  It really is good for you, and delicious in drinks and icecream.

Some local fruits like durian take a long time to acquire a taste for, but they are easily avoided. 

The good news is that you won’t have to deal with the wax added to many fruits in America.

Soak raw foods. 

Raw fruits and vegetables should be soaked in a solution of iodine and water and then washed with drinking water.  This would be things like tomatoes, cucumbers and star fruit.  If you are going to eat a food raw after you have skinned it, still wash it in drinking water first.  This would be foods like carrots, papaya and mangoes.

Cook all green, leafy vegetables 

No amount of soaking greens can assure killing enough nasty bacteria.  The good news is that briefly cooking greens actually makes the nutrients more available to you anyway.  Wash and steam just until wilted or make a stir fry.  The secret to a good stir fry is to put the harder vegetables in first and the greens or bok choy in at the end.  Add a drop or two of sesame oil.  Cook until greens are just wilted.

Shop at the market often. 

The Southeast Asian custom of buying food every day is a healthy one.  Often we use the excuse that we are too busy to shop every day. It is still a good idea to go at least every two or three days.  Food is most nutritious – and delicious — when it is ripe and fresh.

Purchase international travel insurance in case you do get sick.

Let’s say you do all of the above, yet still get sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning. Get medical help right then and there. There are several travel insurance plans that will continue home country coverage for up to six months from the time of your initial medical treatment overseas.  This is a good deal, and these plans are inexpensive.

Above all, have fun with your food, buy overseas travel insurance, and try new things once in a while.

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Use A Detox Foot Pad To Stay Healthy

Some may neglect their health but in the end of the day, it is something that we all value. If we want to maintain good health, then we need to do something to take care of it. We only get one body so it is important that we know how to keep it in the best state possible. With a detox foot pad, you are able to stay healthy as it eliminates toxins from your body, and the best part is that it is so easy to use.

Cleansing has been around for a while and certainly something you have heard about. When there are toxins in our body, it makes as at risk for disease so it is vital to get rid of these from our body. Having toxins will make you feel fatigue and more prone to illnesses. If you want to stay healthy, than you need to make it a priority to get rid of these wastes, which you can easily do with a detox foot pad.

Incase you don’t know what foot pads are, they are pads that are made up of various natural ingredients that work effectively in eliminating toxins once you attach them to your feet. The reason why it works is because it follows the old Chinese methods of foot reflexology and acupuncture which eliminates pains from the body with using the pressure points on the feet. With this, it is able to absorb the toxins in the body.

How these detox pads work is you need to keep them attached to your feet for a couple of hours a day. It is up to you if you want to use them during the day time or night time, but it is recommended that you use them while you sleep so you can remove them right away when you wake up the next morning. Upon taking them off, you will see that the pad has turned to a dark color which is believed to be the toxins that have been eliminated.

The dark pads indicate that there are a lot of toxins in they system. As you use the pads, these toxins are removed which is why you will notice the pads turning to a lighter shade each day. Wear the pads for about one to two weeks until you have noticed the color of the pad to be very very light, this means that you are toxin free.

With a detox foot pad, everyone can undergo detoxification no matter how hectic your schedule is. There are no more excuses because with these pads, you can definitely maintain top health.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Healthy And Unhealthy Guilt?

Guilt is the emotional reaction people may feel if they believe they are directly or indirectly responsible for something bad happening. Feelings of guilt arise when you feel bad about your behavior and its consequences. This is different from the feeling of shame, because people who feel shame are evaluating themselves as badnot just their actions. For example, if you feel bad for telling a lie, that would be a feeling of guilt. However, if you feel bad for being a liar, that would be a feeling of shame.

There are two main functions of guilt. It can serve as a way of punishing oneself for bad behavior, or it can also be a catalyst for changing whatever situation caused the feelings of guilt in the first place. Both of these functions can help people to have a better social conscience by caring about how their actions affect other people. In fact, people who don’t feel guilt and remorse from time to time are considered mentally ill. However, guilt can also have harmful effects when it causes people to withdraw from others. Also, there are occasions where people feel irrational guilt for things that are beyond their control. It is only natural, but in this case it is counterproductive.

People may be prone to guilt if they around other people who use it as a means of manipulation. Because guilty people often feel the need to make up for the harm they have done, manipulative people can take advantage of that by guiding people towards conclusions that leave them feeling guilty. It may be entertaining on television when a character gains something by convincing someone else that the situation was his or her fault, but the resentment of being manipulated in real life is no laughing matter.

Experiences that occur in childhood can make a person likley to experience guilt. If children are involved in arguments and chaos, they can feel responsibility for being the cause and hold themselves responsible. It is important for friends and loved ones to offer reassuring words during times like these. Of course, the opposite kinds of words will only make the feelings of guilt multiply if children are constantly told that they are a burden or that everything is their fault.

There are two types of guilt; healthy and unhealthy(toxic). Guilty feelings arise whe something really is your fault. When you feel guilt in this situation, it is your conscience at work, and that is a very good thing. What kind of a world would this be if most people didn’t care when their actions had adverse effects on other people? Healthy guilt involves people holding themselves responsible for their actions. Although those actions can’t be undone, healthy guilt will motivate people to find ways to better the situation that they caused.

Unhealthy guilt stems from feelings that aren’t based in reality or rationality. This can occur when people feel guilty for situations they did not cause or control. Unhealthy guilt often gets its roots from guilt and unworthiness that a person has been conditioned to feel. Unhealthy relationships and environments sometimes cause people to feel responsible for things that are really outside of their realm of responsibility. For example, we can’t always be held responsible for how our actions cause other people to feel. It would be healthy to feel guilty for making weight jokes about a woman who is sensitive about her weight, but it would be unhealthy to feel guilty for becoming a doctor when your mother always wanted you to be a lawyer.

To overcome healthy guilt, it can be as simple as doing what your conscience naturally tells you to do. Of course, it all depends on the seriousness of the action for which you feel guilty. It may take a long time to undo the damage you have done, and even the right thing to do isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Overcoming unhealthy guilt can be more difficult. It may be necessary to work on it from both the outside and inside. On the inside, it is helpful to think logically about causes and effects to ensure yourself about what is and is not within a person’s control. It is also important to reflect upon all of the things you do which make you an important person who is worthwhile to be around. Surround yourself with people who reinforce these ideas and don’t tear down your self-esteem. Professional therapy is also an option.

Above all, remember that negative feelings like guilt have a place in all of us. Without them, the good feelings would have nothing to stand out against. The most important thing is to make negative feelings work for you instead of against you.

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Healthy Muffin Recipe with Yoghurt and Oats

Sweet treats for kids that are also healthy can be hard to
come by, healthy treats that the kids actually like even harder. This recipe
has been tried and tested by a part of the blogging community all around the
world and as far as I can tell has been universally a hit with kids and parents
alike. The muffins are moist and keep for a few days, have a good crust and
flavour and get devoured as soon as they have cooled down enough to eat. Mums
like them because the yoghurt and oatmeal ingredients spell Nutrition with a
capital N, kids like them because they taste good and they didn’t actually see
you putting that healthy stuff in, when you were baking them. If your kids are
picky and recoil in horror from such things as plain yoghurt and oats, present
them with the baked muffins without telling them what’s in them!

You can experiment with your own flavours. I used banana and
cinnamon for mine, as that was what I had in the house and because my kids pick
raisins out of any baking, leaving a trail of crumbs around the house, or a
heap of raisins and crumbs for me to eat in Hoovermum mode. I’d like to try
with nuts too, but again only one child likes nuts so the same thing would
happen…I do believe that chocolate chips would go down well though, if only I
had some in the house!

Yoghurt and Oat Muffin Recipe

1 cup unsweetened plain yoghurt1 cup rolled oats1 egg½ cup vegetable oil½ cup sugar1 ¼ cups self-raising flour1 ripe banana mashed½ teaspoon cinnamon

Alternative flavour combinations:instead of the banana and cinnamon try adding1 teaspoon vanilla extract and ½ cup chocolate chips or½ cup mixed nuts and raisinsor make up your own variation with whatever berries and
fruits are in season.

Mix together the yoghurt and oats and leave them to soak in
the fridge for half and hour. After they have soaked, beat in the egg, sugar
and the oil, and fold in the flour with ingredients for whichever flavour
combination you have decided on.

Spoon the mixture into a greased muffin tray. You will get
either 12 large muffins or 24 small ones. If you are baking them for lunch
boxes it is a good idea to line the tins with paper muffin cases. Bake at 200C
/ 400F for 15 to 20 minutes, until the top is springy to the touch and golden

Small muffins are excellent for school lunch boxes if there
are any left over. They also solve that eternal dilemma of contributions to
those school bake sales and class events when teachers ask for healthy foods
only, but your child wants to take something delicious – if you tell the
teacher what’s in the muffins they’re sure to count them as healthy, just use
raisins and nuts rather than chocolate chips in this case!

Copyright 2007 Kit Heathcock

Kit Heathcock writes and copyedits for a number
of websites from her own sites
and She is currently working on a major travel
She worked and travelled in Italy for many years, is passionate about food and
is lucky enough to work from home and still have time to cook, write and look
after her children.

How To Prevent Bone Degeneration And Get Healthy Joints Naturally?

With the increasing age bone density gets reduced considerably. Even a small hit can create dislocation in bones and result in severe damage or fracture. It takes pretty long time and lot of patience to recover from such injuries. Though this type of health problem is very common in aged people, but intense injuries in bones or ligaments can bring bone related problems in people who are young as well. Pain in joints shows signs like limping, stiffness, tenderness, inflammation and redness in joints. Locking of joints occurs because of swelling and this can hinder the bone movement. Deficiency of minerals, calcium, protein and vitamins are the main causes of weak joints. So, how to prevent bone degeneration and get healthy joints? Freeflex herbal supplements are the best remedies to bring strength of bones and get healthy joints since they are enriched with essential nutrients needed for appropriate development of joints and bones.

In order to keep muscles in a healthy condition you should keep your body always hydrated. Because of fluid loss, dead cells are not capable of providing energy to the muscles and tissues and this is the reason why they do not develop correctly. Excessive and waste fluid near bones results in bloating and obstructs the bone movement. So consumption of two to three liters of water regularly is important to maintain a proper level of fluid in the body. Overweight puts pressure on muscles and bones and restricts the movement of joints.

Bone infection may be the primary reason for pain in joints and this can lead to bone cancer in rare cases. Your daily activities get obstructed due to frequent back pain and weak skeleton is the main reason for back pain. To treat all these issues you can definitely go for herbal remedies to bring the strength back of bones and joints. Freeflex capsules are the most recommended in this regard, these supplements contain ingredients such as chobchini, ashwagandha, asthisanghar, rasna, guggul and suranjan.

Herbal ingredients used in Freeflex capsules improve the process of metabolism and digestion to give energy to cells and form muscles and tissues. Because of the antioxidant properties of these herbal supplements, blood provides plenty of oxygen to cells and maintains healthy muscles. These herbal ingredients help you in improving damaged tissues and also develop healthy muscles. These supplements contain herbs which are known to relax nerve cells and eliminate stress. They also help in detoxifying blood and regulate pure blood for healthy development of muscles. Improved blood circulation keeps the cells always active. Antiviral and anti-bacterial compounds of these herbs help in preventing infections and help to eliminate pain in natural way. These supplements also contain omega-3 fatty acids which address the issue of stiffness and considerable relief from joint agony.

All the above mentioned facts make Freeflex capsules the best herbal remedies to get healthy joints. When you use them for a period of 4 months you will start regaining your bone density and muscle healthy naturally.

Read about Natural Supplements For Bone, Joint And Muscle. Also know Herbal Bone And Joint Support Pills. Read about how to Prevent Osteoporosis.

How To Lead A Healthy Life With Schizophrenia

Even if you are diagnosed with schizophrenia, there are still ways to lead a normal life. The secret to living a healthy life despite of this brain or mental disorder lies in a combination of factors: finding the right treatment or interventions, developing the right attitude, and staying consistent.

Living Life with Schizophrenia

The need to combat the symptoms of schizophrenia is very pressing given the average statistics of individuals diagnosed with this mental condition. According to health experts, around 2.5 million people are affected with schizophrenia. The good news is that 10 to 20 percent of that figure were able to enjoy full and successful recovery from their condition.

The results of a recent research study reveals though that those percentages can go up to 68 percent with the use of psycho-social therapy for patients of schizophrenia. There are even numerous successful personalities who excelled in their respective fields despite being previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. These personalities include author Jack Kerouac, Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd guitarist), or mathematician John Nash (also a recipient of Nobel prize).

Common Problems to Treatment

One method to achieving a successful treatment against schizophrenia is to identify the common problems or obstacles that prevent you from enjoying success with your treatment.

The most common reason why medications or treatments prove ineffective is the fact that they focus solely on addressing positive symptoms. After all, there are two categories of symptoms for schizophrenia – positive and negative. Experts suggest that a given medication or treatment focus on addressing both type of symptoms for effective results. Another common obstacle to schizophrenia treatment is the possibility of developing side effects, especially with drugs or medications recommended for this condition. It is therefore not enough to rely solely on medications for treatment but recovery can only happen with therapy and other treatment procedures. To lead a healthy life following diagnosis of schizophrenia, it is important to find a treatment that also addresses the negative symptoms of this mental disorder.

Evidence of Recovery

If you lack motivation to overcome symptoms of schizophrenia, it is important to consider the remarkable recovery that other patients have enjoyed. The need to find the best intervention approaches is vital with statistics indicating that 1 out of 10 males diagnosed with schizophrenia commit suicide.

But if it offered any relief, a study conducted by Courtenay M. Harding done in 1955 to 1965 shown a large group of individuals diagnosed with this mental disorder have managed to enjoy full recovery. In fact, most of them have shown no signs of the symptoms soon after treatment and managed to carve out a healthy life of their own. This should therefore give inspiration and show patients that there is hope for this condition.

Secrets to Living Healthy

If you want to live thriving lives despite of schizophrenia, here are some pointers you need to keep in mind:

• You need to come up with a goal to help keep you motivated.

• You need to make choices on what will help move you forward in your treatment efforts.

• You need to proactively choose the right interventions that will improve your situation.

• You need to work on rehabilitation and self-sufficiency.

• You need to be consistent in your use of treatment approach and medications to see immediate results.

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