Challenge Targets

Surviving the Aftermath

the disaster itself is devastating enough, the aftermath can be in and
of itself another disaster. You are left without electricity, gas for
cooking and heating, impassable roads and then you have looters and
other criminal elements that can be a problem. There will always be
those that will victimize others during a calamity. As part of your
emergency preparedness, you must plan for personal self-defense and the
defense of your family, property and possessions. You cannot defend
yourself however, unless you prepare and learn how to handle yourself
and a weapon during a survival situation.

you are the only one prepared with ample food, water and other
essentials during a crisis, you will be a target. Who will the ones not
prepared look too during a crisis. You must be prepared to deal with
friends, neighbors and even strangers that are desperate. People you
know may turn violent and rationalize their actions in the name of
providing for their family. Emotions run high, stress levels are
elevated and people will act differently from what you normally expect.
The rules for some people change during a survival situation.

Preparing For Confrontation

for and yet do everything you can to avoid a confrontation. You do not
want to have to challenge a friend or neighbor over supplies. Criminals
of course will always be ready to take advantage of darkened streets,
damaged homes and stressed out citizens. A show of force can work in
some cases, if the criminal or challenger realizes you are serious.
Carry your firearm with you, around your home. Have your pistol
holstered on your person and have any home-defense rifles or shotguns
within arm’s reach during the crisis.

home is your only refuge during a disaster and you cannot allow others
to destroy that sanctuary. Would be burglars and other criminal elements
may use pretexts to make contact with you during the day to evaluate
you as a victim for later on that night. If they note you are armed and
show confidence they may very well seek an easier target. Your weapon is
a deterrent to a confrontation. A show of force can cause others to
back down without the need to draw your weapon. Otherwise, they may
challenge you for your emergency supplies and your home.

of you preparedness should include weapons training. For various safety
and legal issues, it is recommended you use an acceptable firing range
and not your backyard. Use target stands and practice shooting from
various positions with your pistol and long gun. Learn how to stand to
make yourself less of a target because, in a real life survival
situation the target shoots back.

you are looking for shooting targets that are designed for tactical
training, we suggest several of the steel targets line from Challenge Targets. They have a great selection and all of their steel targets are made from AR500 hardened steel.

safety is important and must be practiced at all times. Guns are a tool
for a very specific purpose and everyone in the family must realize
their function. The shooting stances you see in movies and on television
for the most part are incorrect. The stance is for drama and camera
angles. You are not concerned with how you look you want effectiveness.

Firearm Drills

by dry firing only if you have dry fire cartridges called “snap caps”
to prevent damage to the firing pin. This is especially important if you
have a rim fire weapon. You have to know the pressure needed for
trigger pull and know the feeling of pulling the trigger as you go into
tactical defense. Dry fire practice is important, and you must practice
these moves where contact is likely to be made. Dry fire is used where
it is impracticable, and/or unsafe to use live ammunition. The greatest
benefit of dry firing is trigger control.

in hands before the situation gets out of control. Do not walk into a
firefight fumbling to draw or raise your weapon. Have your long gun at
port arms, which is simply holding the weapon diagonally across your
chest. Have one hand on the forearm and the other grasping where a
simple movement puts your trigger finger on the trigger. This is one of
several ready positions and all you need to do from this point is engage
the target by turning your body sideways while moving your head to
sight along the barrel. Pistols at the close ready means it is focused
toward the aggressor but not necessarily ready to engage until you have
all the facts. A lowering and turning of the body to make a smaller
target brings your eyes in line with the pistol.

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Why Jamaican Jerk Style Meat is Healthy

Eating Jamaican jerk style food could be healthier than other grilled or barbecued meat. It is believed that meat grilled over high heat could increase the risk of cancer. If this is so then we need to be careful on how we prepare our foods. The popular belief from the experts is that marinating meat well for at least thirty minutes prior to cooking will decrease this deadly risk. They went on to say that marinating with garlic, rosemary and sage will lessen the peril as well.

However, one of the main ways of minimizing this risk is to grill the meat over low heat. Make sure that it is cooked properly but not burned. The real danger forms when the meat is burned and this certainly happens when done over high heat.

Jamaican jerk style food when done properly is all that the experts have recommended reducing the risk of endangering ones health. Grilled meat is a favorite on the island which started as way back with the tainos and awarak indians.

The Jamaican cuisine underscore by marinating meats for long periods. There is no specific time range but best result is when left overnight in the refrigerator. It is then place over low heat which should be cook very slowly but thoroughly.

It is very important that when making Jamaican jerks the meat must not be place too close to the source of the heat. This will ensure that the meat doesn’t get charred and under prepared. Generally three hours of grilling slowly should be sufficient. A thermometer is recommended to ensure proper temperature.

If you happened to visit Jamaica on a vacation or business be sure to enjoy some of the lovely delicacies on the island. Famous for many things this lovely island as the flavors and tastes that one can indulge in without fear. Rock to the reggae beat, enjoy the cuisine, sample the rums, go to the beach and bask in the sun.  

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Carving Out a Career Path from Cooking School

Have you always wanted to enroll in a
culinary institute or a cookingschoolbut
are daunted by the apparent lack of career opportunities from it? A
lot of people actually think that aspiring to become a chef or cook
can be a risky venture since not everybody who choose this career
field wind up to be successful. If you are one of the myriads who are
reluctant to pursue such career, then this article might help you
reconsider your options a little.

Enrolling in a cookingschool
can equip you to become fit for your dream of becoming a chef.
However, you must remember that being a professional cook or chef can
be significantly different from the casual cooking that you enjoy
doing at home during your spare time. While cooking as a profession
may sound quite enticing because it seems fun and easy to do, success
in this arena requires years of hard work and perseverance.

Meanwhile, if you don’t really intend
to do a lot of cooking but would like to be employed somewhere in the
food industry, enrolling in a culinary school can also be beneficial.
Aside from being a full-time chef, there are a number of career
options which culinary graduates can choose from. You can choose to
be a nutritionist, a food researcher, a hotel and restaurant manager,
or a cooking school trainer. All these careers do not necessarily
require you to engage in cooking most of the time, but if you enjoy
working with and on food, these jobs might just be perfect for you.

Here are brief descriptions to each of
the aforesaid career options:

Nutritionist – if you are in
this profession, your job will be to aid in designing a healthy,
albeit still satisfactory diet plan for particular patients in
health and medical institutions. Your main goal is to promote a
healthy and enjoyable eating experience for the patients.

Food Researcher – in this type
of work, you will most likely be employed in restaurants or in fast
food establishments where your task will be to help improve food
products in terms of taste, presentation, and health value.

Hotel and Restaurant Manager –
before you can start on this career, you may have to have a few
years of previous experience as a head chef. The basic role of a
hotel and restaurant manager is to oversee the flow and efficiency
of tasks done in a restaurant or hotel.

Cooking School Trainer – being a
full-time chef can be exhausting. However, if you still want to work
in the kitchen sans a heavier amount of stress, you can pursue being
a trainer to aspiring world-renowned chefs instead. This job is
usually fit for people who have worked as chefs for some years and
would like to take a calmer stride in the later part of their

With a little bit
of research and great contemplation, enrolling in a culinary school
could be your first step to a successful career ahead.

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A Kitchen That Meets Your Needs

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Whether your home is the one that the entire family flocks to for every holiday gathering, the weekend hub for your kids and their friends, or you just happen to have a large family, this room gets a lot of attention. If you’re going to make the most of it, you need it to be highly functional and able to comfortably accommodate a few people, whether you are just cooking with your kids or for large groups on those frequent or special occasions.

There are many ways that you can update your kitchen in order to fit your growing culinary and entertaining needs. First, you can invest in contractor bids in order to find a professional team to help you consider all of the ideas about construction materials, room layout and appliances that you may not have seen or even heard of before. These home specialists have familiarity with a variety of clients and ideas about a plethora of ways they can make each client’s kitchen remodeling goals a reality. Second, it is important to assess early on whether you would like to maintain the same size room, or expand into a hallway, or open up to the living room so that early adjustments can be made. Third, you can work with your contractor to land on the right layout that amplifies the natural lighting, the amount of available workspace for large meals and dining space throughout (bar counter, eat-in kitchen, separate dining table in an adjacent room, etc.). From here, only the details are left for you to figure out for the specific style or influence that you would like to use with regard to the materials, colors, and architectural aesthetics that will make complete the space.

Cabinetry can come in a variety of wood, and you could opt for etched facing to the doors and drawers in any color. Flooring can be heated in tiles, wood or any surface that fits your style and budget, Of course, the wall color or treatment can offer just as many options, but the decorator on your project will definitely advise you toward colors and patterns that compliment your cabinetry and flooring to give the space a polished and cohesive look. And last but not least, your selection of appliances will add the final touches to room. Many homeowners look forward to newer, matching appliances that they can depend on, and a kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your food preparation and dining experience.

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Stop Heart Disease Through Healthy Life

Coronary heart disease is one of the serious diseases that generally run in the family. But if you have a family history about that, it does not mean that you could not have any effort to fight the possibility of suffering it. In fact, everybody has a similar risk about this disease, and it could be covered through some ways that come to the healthy life just like in the description below.

1. First, you have to pay attention to your blood pressure because it has close relation with your heart disease problems. When you get a rises blood pressure because of stress or bed meals in your menu, it could give a dangerous pressure on your heart. You should be careful in protecting yourself from any other risk of rises blood pressure. Schedule a certain time to check your blood pressure so that you could overcome any risk of suffering coronary disease.

2. The next important thing that also a contributing factor behind this serious disease is the cholesterol level. The most dangerous possibility if you let your cholesterol level built up is the risk to suffer a heart attack. It is because the unkind cholesterol would fill the arteries’ wall and prevent the blood flow. That serious condition would really dangerous for your heart.

3. Type-2 diabetes which is generally suffered by people who are overweight is also has a close relation with your heart. To avoid the risk of suffering type-2 diabetes you should pay attention on your weight. You could start your new habit by preparing good diets while reducing the sugary or fatty foods. It is the time for you to leave your fast food, dangerous fats, alcohol, and even smoking. In addition, the best drinking to your body is mineral water, so it is quite good for you to drink much water everyday.

4. If you are person who are lack of doing sport, it means that you should recognize simpler workout in your busy days. Doing workout is really simple and efficient because you could do it at your home with your useful exercise equipment. It is not only increase your health and prevent coronary disease, but also loses your weight.

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Pizza Parties – The Benefits

For most kids, pizza is a staple of their diet. It is easy to eat, makes a mess, and they can get it with any number of topping combinations. When the time comes to celebrate a birthday, this is not just an easy food to serve. A pizzeria offers the ideal location. Some offer special packages for families looking to celebrate. Some have games and rides that kids can enjoy during the visit. If you have concerns about the hassle of throwing a large party at the house, this may be the way to go.


Planning out a birthday party takes time. You need to figure out who to invite and send out the invitations. From there, you still need to come up with party favors and some type of entertainment. Next comes the food planning and to top it all off, you still need a cake. When the day of the party comes, you still need to clean up the house, knowing that after everyone leaves, it will all be a wreck again.

With a pizza party, you still need to handle the invites, but you can skip over the food, entertainment, and party favors. The restaurant will take care of the food, ensuring that there is plenty for everyone to eat. When you run out of food, they will take care of it while you sit back and enjoy the party. Drinks are usually included as well. Why buy party favors if everyone is going to play games and earn tickets to spend at the end of the party? So many things are taken care of for you. You may or may not need to order or make the cake yourself.


Have you ever spent a lot of money on a birthday party only to find that just a few kids showed up? It seems like a waste, and you have way too much stuff with nothing to do with it. With a pizza party, you pay per child. At first, this may seem a little expensive. You can’t imagine that it would cost you that much to throw a party for that many children.

But, once you sit down with the numbers, you may realize that you are getting a real bargain. Aside from the lack of responsibility when it comes to preparation, you are only paying for the people that show up. The food and entertainment is handled, and you don’t need to spend any extra money on that. If you end up with a few kids, you could really save money based on what you usually spend.

Post-Party Cleanup

While a birthday party is fun, when everyone leaves, you are left with a mess. At a pizza party, when the guests leave, you are out the door as well. There is no need to stick around and cleanup the mess of cups, plates and pizza that are littering the floor. Your party is done and so are you!

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How to Make Healthy Recipes For Kids

If selling real estate is all about location, location, location, then when making healthy recipes for kids, it’s all about presentation, presentation, presentation. You can talk all you want about all the essential vitamins and minerals and complex carbohydrates, etc, etc that a food contains, but when a child is looking at a mixed bowl of fruit, all they see is ‘yuck’.
 The key to getting children to try healthy foods is to present it in a fun and imaginative way. You are the only one who needs to know that what they’re eating is healthy and nutritious. For the kids, it is simply a fun, interesting and imaginative way to eat food. For example, is a child more likely to eat a bowl filled with banana, red grapes, kiwi, star fruit, cantaloupe and strawberry, or a “Happy Snack Face” (bunch of red grapes for hair, kiwi slices for eyes, strawberry for nose, cantaloupe slices for ears, banana for mouth and star fruit for cheeks – all served on a brightly colored round plate).
All you need to do is take the healthy foods you want to introduce and present them so that:

It has a cool name kids can relate to, like Happy Snack Face. So before your child even sees what it is, they are curious to find out.
It is colorful – red grapes & strawberry, green kiwi, yellow star fruit & banana, orange cantaloupe.
It is arranged in a shape or pattern that kids can identify with – Happy Face.
It has kid friendly textures (in this case juicy fruits, but just as easily made from crisp or crunchy vegetables).

By arranging the foods into patterns that kids can recognize, you also have the opportunity to get them involved in the preparation. After you child devours the Happy Snack Face, you might suggest that for snack tomorrow, he prepare a Scary Snack Face. You cut up the fruits and he can arrange them on the plate.  The more involved a child is in the selection and preparation of their meals, the more likely they will eat it, enjoy it, and want to have it again. Not only does this start to get them interested in what they are eating, but it also lays the foundation for healthy eating habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
In order for a healthy recipe to be a hit with kids, it needs to be appealing, so give them what they want. Use recipes that combine imaginative names, bright colors, and kid friendly shapes for a sure fire hit. So like I said before, it’s all about presentation.

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I’m Mark and I love my kids (twins) and want them to grow up healthy and strong which is why knowing how to prepare healthy meals is important to me. If you liked this article and want more information go to Healthy Recipes for Kids. In addition, I’ve got lots of other information on ingredients, recipes, kitchen appliances, nutrition, and more on my blog at Home Chef Cooking Tips.

How to Choose the Top Restaurant in Auckland

It is fairly certain that one of the finest things that a person can undoubtedly enjoy is fantastic food. Excellent food is something which just about everybody will be able to appreciate. It’s very sad that not everyone can manage food preparation. However with the availability of countless establishments that provide meals, this really is barely a problem with regards to taking pleasure in food. Though it may be certainly easy to go to an eating place, it really does not guarantee that you can actually have a great dining experience. In relation to picking out a restaurant, there are numerous factors that you should take into account. Here are several ways to choose the top restaurant in Auckland. 
One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a cafe or restaurant is the location. When some people do dine out, they’ll almost definitely opt for something that they may easily reach or where traveling is never thought to be a problem. Spending some bucks only to eat out is just not worthwhile for many people. Lots of people prefer to eat where there is a wonderful view included like when the restaurant is situated in a lake, riverside, on the top of a skyscraper, and many others. If you are going to take a person along with you when eating at restaurants, ensure that you unanimously agree with the location. A restaurant’s site will really make or break it. 
Naturally, since you are planning to visit a restaurant, food is yet one more factor that you will want to think about. Choosing the top restaurant in Auckland signifies that you will need to read through plenty of choices. But at the end of the day, this depends on your individual taste as well as the type of food that you feel like savouring in any given scenario. The quality and flavour of meals are certainly big elements in our satisfaction of our meals. Many individuals are ready to travel considerable distances merely to check out a diner since its taste is without a doubt unforgettable. If the chief cook of a restaurant has a great reputation, the place is usually worth checking out. 
You’ll find a large number of alternatives in relation to choosing the best restaurant Auckland has to give. One of the better hints that a diner is fantastic is the hoopla that envelopes it. If you pick up that your mates or fellow workers talking about a specific restaurant, then it is usually regarded as a plus point. Sure, tastes will vary individually for everybody, but superb food is a thing that can be valued widely by folks. A suggestion from a person dear to you might actually result in an amazing discovery.

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Kitchen Remodeling ? Ideas That are Good for Your Budget

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home.
From cooking to entertaining, this area is commonly one of the most used
areas in the house. As such, it is no surprise that it is also one of
the most expensive areas to do kitchen remodeling. However, as much as
kitchen remodeling might seem like a costly affair, it is important to
keep in mind that there are quite a few ways to make it happen on a
budget. In this article, we will outline a few tips to help you save
some coin while coming out the other end with a beautiful renovation.

Step 1 – Before you begin, sit down and pick a theme by which you will
design your area. This can range from new modern, to rustic,
contemporary, and more. Find something that adds to the rest of the
home, but stands out in its own way.

Step 2 – Head down to your local magazine stand and spend a few bucks on
home and design magazines. Make notes on accessories, fixtures, paints,
and anything else you find appealing.

Step 3 – Find you new color scheme and paint away. Stray from your
typical whites and beige colors and find something that is a little more
adventurous. Have fun with it! A vibrant kitchen makes for a creative
working environment. Check out your neighborhood paint supplier and
bring home a few samples to play around with. Do not be afraid of making
a mistake because you can always paint over it.

Step 4 – Purchase the new hardware for your kitchen remodeling project.
Simple changes such as new knobs on the cabinets to faucets and fixtures
are easy and inexpensive ways to really dress a room.

Step 5 – Get rid of your 20 year old lighting fixture, and spice it up a
bit. Find something new and exciting to accent the theme at hand.
Lighting is perhaps one of the most important aspects to any remodel

Step 6 – New flooring. While this may sound expensive, you can cut the
costs by doing it yourself. There are many online guides available in
addition to free workshops through places such as Home Depot.

Step 7 – There is no need to go about replacing your wood cabinets. In
most cases, all you really need is a quick refinish or paint job. This
simple task can provide a whole new look for very little money.

Step 8 – Lastly, take down those old blinds, and find something fancy to
dress those windows.

And there you have it; your brand new kitchen on a budget.

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Nature- The Healthy Mother of Life

Do you feel “off”? If you ate right, exercised regularly and was out of stress, it seems nothing wrong. But are you getting outside everyday? If not, that could be the one thing that’s preventing you from feeling your best. This is my advice to my patients. Get outside and connect with nature.

This may seem like a peculiar “health and happiness” recommendation to make! But, this was a vital component when I needed to re-create overall balance, happiness and health in my life following a very stressful period. For me, the outdoors is one of the critical pieces to the puzzle. Regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is, I feel it’s a necessary component of balanced living for all of us.

I don’t believe we were intended to live in the captivity of our workplaces, cars, shopping malls and homes. We are part of nature – part of the entire ecosystem. In my opinion, we need to stay connected to it in order to achieve overall balance. Personally, I thrive when I get outside every single day. Easier said than done when it’s insanely cold and miserable out!

I’d say it’s well worth my effort though. I notice that my thinking is clearer, I have more energy and a much better attitude when I do this. Fresh air is healing and energizing, as is natural light. Our bodies and minds don’t function at their optimal levels in stale, indoor air and artificial lighting, day in and day out.

I do as much as I can outside: I take the kids out for play time, exercise and meals. We’ve done plenty of home school lessons while sitting outside. I do my morning rituals out on the dock in the spring through fall. I read outside when I get the chance. As often as possible I do my cardio exercise outside. I actually like the widely varying weather conditions that Michigan provides!

On days that it’s too dangerous to exercise outside, or just too miserable to do much of anything outside, I have a quick little routine I do. I step out onto our deck, look up at the big pine trees next to me and take a few deep breaths of fresh air as I do some nice lengthening stretches. I look up at the sky, look out at the lake… take another deep breath as I appreciate all the natural beauty. Then I run inside! I can even recall a couple times when I just opened the window to do this routine. Must have been pretty cold!

In those glorious spring, summer and fall months, the benefits of the outdoors are obvious. Sunshine offers the healing benefits of light itself, as well as vitamin D. We also tend to exercise and stay more active during these months. We eat outside, work outside and play outside. Fair weather fans, we are! The crisp air of winter has a unique blessing of its own – not much else can invigorate you so quickly! Plus, frozen nostrils just remind you how alive you are, don’t they?!

Action Step:

Make the effort to get outside and connect with nature every single day. If (you think) your only chance to get outside is while you’re rushing to and from your car during your busy routine, then allow at least 30 extra seconds in your routine to stop the craziness and connect with nature in some small way. Look up at a tree, listen to the birds, feel the breeze or smell a flower.

Another one of my “but-I’m-so-busy” favorites is to crack the window in the car while sitting at a stop light and just look around you at the sky and the trees. Yes, I’m still paying attention to the traffic conditions! The sky is different every single day – even when it’s gray! Take some deep breaths and soak it all in.

You are becoming a fully balanced, completely healthy human being! Enjoy the process!

Until next time, Be Happy, Be Well and Smile!

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Are you confused by the overwhelming, often contradictory health information these days? Concerned that your family may not be as healthy as they could be? So you feel stressed out and exhausted… and just too darn tired to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes? I’m here to help! My name is Dr. Colleen Trombley, also known as Dr. Mom Online. I have a knack for simplifying Health and helping busy women restore balance to their lives. (Of course, nearly every single thing I teach also applies to men! Don’t worry, guys!)