Raw Food and Healthy Weight Loss

There is much evidence to now prove that there is a connection between eating raw food and healthy weight loss.

Certainly there is much evidence to now show that when food is heated to temperatures above 116 Fahrenheit the enzymes within the food that aids digestion and absorption of the food are destroyed.

Whereas eating raw foods can help to ensure that our bodies get sufficient amounts of the enzymes and so aid us in helping to regulate our weight more easily.

But there are many other reasons why there seems to be a connection between eating raw foods and healthy weight loss. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

1. Compared to one’s normal diet eating a diet that consists of a large amount of raw foods result in you actually consuming far less saturated fats along with parts of hydrogenated oils.

Plus you will find with this type of diet you are eating far less sodium and more potassium, magnesium and folate all of which help the body to function properly.

2. When you eat raw foods you’re increasing your intake of fiber which not only helps to improve your digestive system, but helps to control your appetite better.

If you eat more fiber you feel much fuller for longer after eating so the chances of you snacking between meals is reduced.

3. There are certain chemicals and enzymes within the foods that you eat and which are being more readily absorbed by the body. These in turn not only improve the way your digestive functions but other systems within your body as well.

The chemicals that you find in such foods help to boost your metabolism which in turn means that it in turn burns off more fat and calories in order to create energy that the body needs.

4. Along with increasing your energy levels and improving the condition of your skin and digestive system, this diet can help reduce the risk of you suffering other illnesses and diseases.

Such diseases which you may find you are less likely to suffer from are diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

5. As mentioned because your energy levels are improving in order to maintain these your body will burn off any excess fat or calories it doesn’t need.

So of course rather than these being stored in the body and weight gained you will find that weight is being lost.

Above we have shown you some of the reasons why there seems to be a clear connection between eating raw food and healthy weight loss.

However, it is important that if you intend to use such a diet in your life in future you need to make sure that you are eating the correct sorts of foods and your are diet is made up of around 75% of raw foods in it.

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Is That Healthy Fish Really So Healthful?

Is That Healthy Fish Really So Healthful?
By Margot B

ELLE Magazine’s April issue explores how the most health-conscious eaters may be exposing themselves to dangerous levels of mercury. For years fish has been a dietary staple among weight-watchers and the most health-conscious consumers. Many believe that the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and tuna can prevent heart disease and wrinkles as well as make their brains both brainier and less susceptible to depression.

However, Dr. Jane Hightower, [an Internal medicine specialist] reports in ELLE’s April issue, that a dangerous level of mercury is found in some very common types of fish: swordfish, shark, ahi, canned tuna. She discusses the three-year study that led to her concluding that too much of the wrong kind of fish can give you a nasty case of mercury poisoning.

Hightower reports the symptoms of mercury poisoning to include fatigue, headaches, hair loss, and neurological problems, ranging from numbness, muscle weakness, altered vision and hearing, slurred speech, to convulsions and dementia.

Hightower’s claim has touched off controversy from nationwide, pitting federal agencies and fishing industry against environmentalists and health enthusiasts. ‘Virtually all fish contain traces of methyl mercury’ Hightower reveals. ‘In lakes and rivers, where pollution is often quite concentrated, even small fish can have large amounts.’ ‘In oceans, it’s the big predatory species at the top of the food chain that ends up with

the most mercury; these fish may feast for years on smaller fish before becoming fillets themselves. Swordfish, which may be among the largest sea creatures regularly consumed by humans, may accumulate several million times the amount of mercury found in the surrounding water, according to the EPA.’
Some healthy hints from Dr. Hightower:

* Eat more salmon – the fish highest in omega-3-like salmon and

sardines, contain very low levels of mercury.

* Limit fish if you are pregnant [or trying]. Eat no more than 12-ounces

a week, and avoid swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish.

* Go for variety – eat different kinds of fish.

* Think small – little fish tend to be lower in mercury. Eating smaller

portions also helps.

* Don’t be afraid – occasionally bingeing on sushi or eating

swordfish all week on vacation won’t hurt you.

Source: ELLE
Web site: http://elle.com/
Mar 14, 2003 09:23 ET


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Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is on its way and depending on where you live, it may feel like it is already here. The cold, dry weather can take its toll on many things, including your skin. Male and females alike can suffer from dry, flaky skin in this season. You don’t have to let the winter ruin your skin. There are things you can do to help pamper your winter skin.

What can you do to have healthy winter skin? You may be surprised to know that some simple, easy maintenance steps can help treat winter-weathered skin and leave you looking and feeling great all season long.

Here are some tips for healthy winter skin:
· Use a moisturizing soap

· Use soap only on select parts of the body to avoid excessive dryness

· Avoid using really hot water- use lukewarm instead

· Take shorter baths and showers (10 to 15 minutes will do)

· Remember to still drink lots of water

· Wear sunscreen (yes, even on cloudy days)

· If you wear makeup, apply moisturizer first underneath (this also prevents your makeup from flaking and peeling throughout the day)

· Moisturize all over if you need it

· Dress for the weather- protect your skin and your face when it’s cold

· Eat a healthy, balanced diet for beautiful skin all year long

If you want to maintain healthy skin all year round, you should also avoid smoking which in addition to other problems can dry the skin and may lead to wrinkles.

We also have some “home remedies” for healthy winter skin that are great for all ages and skin types.

· Before bathing, try mixing a teaspoon of honey in 2 tablespoons of milk or cream and massage this into your face and neck for a soothing facial mask. About 20 minutes later, take a warm shower or bath and be sure to rinse your face well (don’t scrub).

· Adding a few drops of coconut oil to your bath or applying it to your skin before you bathe is another great remedy for dry winter skin.

· Another tried and true method for great winter skin is to apply cold cream before bed for about 15 minutes and then gently wipe clean with a clean cloth.

Winter is tough on tired skin and even people who normally have a carefree skin-care regime may find themselves needing to spend more time on their skin in the winter months.

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Healthy Strategies For Weight Loss

Over lunch the other day your friend mentions that she recently began a fitness program and lost 20 pounds last month. “20 pounds!” you exclaim, “I wish I could lose 20 pounds in a month, but isn’t it unhealthy to lose more than 2 pounds a week and you lost 5 a week?” you ask.

Well, it depends. The generic answer is yes it unhealthy to lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time, but there is more to it. You see weight loss rate (amount/time) is not the same as weight loss method.

Typically over an extended period of time, say 12 months, your weight loss rate will average 2 pounds per week or less. But, this is an average of 52 weeks. So couldn’t you have a month where you lost 20 pounds, especially in the beginning, and 3 months where you only lost 4 pounds? Would this not average out to 2 pounds a week? So how is what happened in month one unhealthy and then considered healthy after 4 months? Add another 8 months of only losing 4 pounds a month to this and you will see that your average drops to almost 1 pound a week.

I think a lot of people have confused weight loss rate with weight loss method. If you are following one of these extreme diet and exercise programs, taking a fat burning pill and losing large amounts of weight, then that is unhealthy. But, if you are following sound nutrition and exercise advice and losing a lot of weight, then that is fine.

However, if you are following a proper nutrition and exercise program and the weight you are losing is muscle rather than fat, this is also bad. If this is the case you need to do one of two things, or both. 1) Increase your daily calorie intake. 2) Decrease your workouts to 3x per week. Losing muscle tissue is not the goal and a loss in muscle tissue will only decrease your metabolism making it harder for you to loss weight down the road.

Extreme low calorie diets result in muscle tissue loss and a slower metabolism, both making it harder to loss weight down the road and later in life. Follow a sound program, focus on losing body fat, and enjoy losing the pounds regardless of how fast they come off. It’s the method that determines whether or not it’s healthy, not the rate.

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Great News For Healthy Living

In these economic times, it can be easy to feel a little down. We all like to do things for ourselves for a good pick-me-up such as, the latte, the mani/pedi hour or a great new hairstyle. Other folks like an escape with lottery tickets, sodas and cigarettes. Everyone has a secret pleasure whether it is texting friends on a cell phone or better yet a new cell phone to escape or renting movies. Life is great fun whether it is escaping or living just to get away from bad news.

I’ve been practicing dentistry for 15 years in the Southern Crescent Area and I love it. My mission in life is to help others claim their self-esteem. The best pick-me-up there can be is having a great feeling by someone telling you everything is going to be okay, you are in a safe place and make you feel good by focusing on the most important person in your life – You. Your needs and wants are put in front of all else. This is what a trip to the dentist could make you feel.

Sometimes it is easy to avoid the dentist by the excuses everyone has – too busy, too expensive and “I don’t have dental insurance”. Sometimes there are other reasons such as fear; embarrassment or we just don’t know whom to trust. Do you know someone in this situation?

Let’s face it; we can all “clean” our teeth ourselves without any profession help, right? The answer is YES, and quite honestly no for some. Everyone has different risk factors in not having a professional cleaning performed regularly. For some, I have seen 20 years without dental care without extensive problems and it is amazing when that does happen.

Maintenance in everything from cars, fitness and lawn is essential in keeping things running correctly. Oil changes and tire rotations are essential and the life expectancy of owning a car may be seven years. You wouldn’t just put gas in the car until it stopped running if you wanted to keep it in great shape, would you? It is so much cheaper to keep up with maintenance than to keep having breakdowns and car insurance doesn’t pay for repairs or maintenance.

Regular professional dental cleanings perform much more than buffing the stains from your teeth. Early insights to problems such as decay or gum disease caught are substantially less costly. What does a professional dental cleaning cost? It may cost the price of highlights at a mid-level salon or the cost of a family dinner at a moderately priced restaurant. The effects from a sound peace of mind are priceless. Choose health, you will be glad you did.

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Creating A Healthy Sleep Routine For Your Child

If you want to help your child stay healthy throughout their lifetime, start by instilling healthy habits from the beginning. Teaching the value and importance of good sleep habits is a great foundational layer and will aid in their life long health. Sleep, especially consistent good sleep is at the core of good health and longevity.

Assuming that your child gets all the rest they need or insisting that they will get the proper amount of sleep on their own is just reinforcing bad sleep habits that could become a bad lifelong habit in need of breaking. The facts are that they do need more sleep than adults, mostly because they are in a constant of growing, creating new cells and doing necessary body repairs that will help them stay healthy the rest of their lives. That is something important for all kids.

Good health habits are not only beneficial overall, they are known to increase the immune system and increase mental health stability. Rest is one essential component that will dictate your physical as well as your mental health state during every phase of your life for your entire life. Sleep well my friends, it is the healthy thing to chase after.

Getting your children used to a healthy sleep routine is not rocket science. Even newbies can do it. Begin with structure that will change very little in their growing developing years. The sleep time must be the same and enforced every day. This will have slight variations due to events and scheduling that will conflict, but for the most part, the sleep time will be unchanging, even in the face of being challenged. This should be followed during breaks, time off, vacations and summer months without exception.

Bedtime routines are a great way to wind down the day and start the gradual transition to the nighttime and the start of a healthy sleep habit. Use everything at your disposal to get them in the routine. Start with a relaxing bath and the familiarity of jammies that reflect their favorite things and you can spend the pre-lights out time reading a bedtime story or just bonding with your little ones. This pleasant environment is helps any child wind down and drift off to sleep without a crisis every five minutes. Continuing a healthy sleep routine after birth throughout their childhood will reinforce the importance of continuing to get a good nights sleep well into their adult years. Being happier, healthier, more productive adults is a direct result of good sleep habits that have been learned.

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Healthy Meals For Children

Creating meals for children can be a task. Knowing what your child likes to eat and being able to offer them healthy meals based on their preferences can be difficult at times. Likewise, making sure that your child has healthy nutritious meals and snacks each day can be very easy to do if you are willing to be creative with your child’s meals and offer them a variety of healthy options at meal or snack time.  

One of the biggest difficulties for a parent is making sure that their children have healthy snacking options. In a world where salty chips, greasy French fries and sweet pastries are supreme it can be pretty hard to convince you child that healthy fruits and vegetables are better as snacking options. There are a number of healthy snack options that are sure to please your child. Slicing veggies such as carrots and celery and dipping them in peanut butter is a nice snack. Fresh fruit is always a great option. Keeping a little snack bag with apple slices, orange sections or bunches of grapes readily available for your child is advisable. If possible place fruit and veggies in small containers on your kitchen table for your child to eat whenever he or she wants to. Introducing your child to healthy snacking options at an early age will ensure that they understand that fruits and veggies are good and delicious to eat.  

Making sure that your children eat balanced meals everyday is important. Children need a significant amount of vitamins and minerals during their younger years because they have growing bodies that demand nourishment. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides a significant amount of energy to begin one’s day. This is especially true for school aged children. Make sure your child has a decent breakfast that includes some form of whole grain and protein source. Lunch can be difficult to monitor if you have school aged children. Many schools are trying to provide healthier school lunch options for students. If you are concerned about the quality of school lunch at your child’s school you can always pack you child’s lunch. When children arrive home from school make sure there are healthy snacking options in your fridge as children usually need a snack to hold them over until dinner. Dinner should be well balanced and the portions size appropriate. Dinner should include a lean protein source, vegetables and a whole grain if possible.  

In providing healthy snacks and meals it is important to remember that children will be children and letting them have the occasional sweet treat is okay. The saying everything in moderation definitely applies to letting your children indulge in goodies. If you are someplace like an amusement park obviously you child will want the traditional amusement park fair such as cotton candy, hot dogs and sodas. As a parent you must monitor what you child consumes and how much he or she consumes. An ice cream cone once in a while won’t cause obesity. Practicing moderation and making the consumption of healthy foods a priority will provide your child with a healthy foundation.  

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Healthy Desserts Can be Fulfilling

A person does not need to end their meal with an unhealthy and fattening sweet because there are healthy desserts available. Double chocolate cake and New York cheesecake are delicious but they are not doing anybody any favors in the waistline. That is why it is better to switch one’s reliance on processed sugars and sweets and start thinking about he healthier alternatives available.

For those who want to eat something sweet and creamy, instead of having the cheesecake, have a strawberry short cake. These can be made as a healthy dessert that eliminates some of the fat and sugars. By substituting the sugar for a zero calorie sweetener mixed with some fresh juice the berries are in a healthier glaze. Also, one can eat a sponge cake with it, which will be less fattening than a shortcake. Berries in a juice glaze also taste great over ice cream.

For those yearning for a chocolate fix there are many ways to make creamy, fudgy brownies as healthy desserts. Also, one of the biggest secrets is to simply reduce the size of the portion you serve yourself. To improve the health of these use low fat cream cheese and replace the eggs with egg whites. Also, use dark chocolate and cocoa as these have less fat and sugar added to them. Also, to add some healthy elements, consider adding chopped walnuts or pecans to the batter.

If cookies are up your alley think about making chocolate chip oatmeal and banana cookies. These are sweet and gooey just like your traditional cookie, but they have the added potassium and moistness of bananas and the fiber of a bowl of oatmeal. If you use semi sweet or dark chocolate chips you get all of the antioxidant benefits and reduce the fat. You can even substitute almond or soy milk for dairy milk, making these low fat and healthy desserts.

If the idea of trying to bake healthy desserts is too tempting and too daunting consider making something that will satisfy your sweet tooth but not entice you to overindulge. Take lowfat plain yogurt and layer it in a cup with fresh berries and other fruits. Now you have a sweet and tangy snack that is full of healthy protein and nutrition. This can be adjusted to cater to whatever produce is in season and made quickly whenever the sweet tooth strikes.

Healthy desserts do not need to be bland and flavorless. There are recipes out there to turn all of a person’s favorites into nutritious and delicious alternatives. The secret is looking for recipes that maintain the essential flavors while substituting the most damaging ingredients.

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Healthy Ways to Lose Fat

If you’re looking for healthy ways then congratulations as you’re more likely to achieve real fat loss instead of just losing water which is regained.
You know, that fat that’s around your stomach, thighs, arms and elsewhere on your body that you’re desperate to get rid of because you feel unattractive.
Being healthy means choosing to keep active and exercising along with making healthy choices about the foods that you eat.
Let’s start with the products.
One step you need to take is reducing the amount of fat that you eat.
Apart from the amount of fat the most important thing is the type of fat and that means the reduction of the healthy fats such as saturated fatty acids.
To lose fat then you need to eat fewer foods that are fatty.
Stay away from foods high in saturated fats, such as certain types of meat and foods such as french fries that are fried French required.
You’ll instead need to substitute these types of foods you’re normally eat with healthier choices.
Also choosing leaner meats that are lower in fat.
This could mean walking more, taking up a new sport, joining a gym with a friend for company or finding a workout program that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
Interval training is the short bursts of more intense activity that takes your heart rate up quickly just for a small amount of time.

With these healthy ideas for losing your fat you can now be well on your way to a trimmer body and as you feel ready you could step up your fat burning to a higher level.

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Best Regards!
Yossi Callomiti

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Healthy Sources of Energy

In today’s fast paced lifestyle people are always looking for a boost of energy. Whether someone wants something to help them wake up in the morning, to get them through that afternoon meeting, or to improve their performance in athletics, there is no question people love edible energy. Unfortunately, most people today turn to coffee or energy drinks. I say unfortunately not because these are horrible options but because when they are used in excess they can often cause dependencies, and even harm your body. It is in your best interest to explore healthier options for daily energy, and you can start with fruits, lifestyle changes, or even some healthier energy supplements.

When you wake up in the morning tomorrow why not skip the coffee and grab an apple? Apples have been shown to provide a healthier, cleaner feeling of energy to someone just waking up. If you don’t have time for a complete breakfast grab an apple and head out the door, you’ll probably feel surprisingly good. The other advantage to apples over coffee is that they don’t leave you feeling jittery, and you won’t crash hard when the caffeine wears away.

If you refuse to drop the coffee, or dislike apples for some reason, start getting more sleep. Yes you’ve probably heard in countless times throughout your life but sleep is the number one thing you can do to recharge yourself for a long day. If you find yourself getting less than 8 hours sleep a night it may be time to try and readjust your schedule. Making time for a proper nights rest is extremely important to mental health and daily energy.

Exercise is another great source of energy. Daily exercise routines will provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform. You may be asking yourself, “Won’t exercise make me even more tired?” and the answer is NO. At first you will have muscle aches, but you will quickly notice yourself with higher endurance levels. You will be able to perform your tasks longer and more efficiently with a healthier state of being.

If you are content with your current lifestyle and refuse to back away from portable energy fixes like coffee and energy drinks, at least start using the healthy alternative. New energy drinks like FRS Healthy Energy aren’t loaded with sugar and actually have many other benefits than just supplying energy. FRS Energy Drink contains many antioxidants that help fight disease and support immune function. Whatever you do for yourself, make sure you look at your daily routine. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a few activities, or dieting habits that you can change to improve your overall health and well-being.

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