Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine – Your Culinary Skills Under Test!

Fugazo Games have released the second
part of their hit Cooking Academy, and the sequel preserves all the
great features of the original game. Delicious food to cook, lots of
information on various world cuisines and addictive simulation game
play – all this makes Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine a perfect choice
for action gamers.
Consider yourself a skillful cook? Welcome to Fugazoville!

only here the annual World Culinary Workshop is held, and only here you
can improve your culinary skills even more. Especially if we take into
account that the most renowned chefs from all over the world (namely,
China, Japan, Italy, France, Thailand and others) have given their
consent to train you and other contestants and reveal the secrets of
their national cuisines. A great chance to learn for a young aspiring
student, not to mention the opportunity to win $1,000,000 and start
your own restaurant, don’t you think? So, meet your first instructor
and start cooking!

The game play is mostly taken from the first Cooking Academy,
though it’s better balanced now and some new exciting tasks are added.
The game is divided into stages organized by countries, and in each
national cuisines you’ll have a bunch of exotic dishes to practice, and
then you can take exams in order to proceed to the next country and its
peculiarities. You choose which dishes to try first, and you can replay
any recipe at any moment in order to get a better score.

that you get for every dish is its history, tradition of serving and
other interesting facts about what you are going to cook. Then you can
proceed to the cooking itself, step by step. And here the diversity of
tasks is amazing, and surely enough not to make you bored. Though you
only use your mouse, the tasks will require both speed and accuracy, as
you need to fulfill a certain number of actions within a tough time
limit and in a given sequence. You will dice and slice all possible
types of food using your mouse for directing the knife, then you’ll add
ingredients in a correct order (the visual clues may be a bit confusing
sometimes, so the tasks can become really challenging), stir and grate,
fold fortune cookies and break eggs under an absolutely correct angle
and with absolutely precise strength, set temperature and watch you
buns, for example, turn golden brown and not a shade darker. Most of
the tasks will require your complete attention and perfect timing, so
sometimes you’ll really need to replay certain steps in order to get
enough stars to proceed (stars are used for evaluating your hard work –
and the judges are strict, I should say).

The graphics are great – nothing more to say, you have to see it by
your own eyes. And the music, changing from stage to stage to match the
national environment, creates a nice background.

So, if you are ready to test your culinary skills
and maybe even find something to use in your everyday kitchen life –
it’s time to attend Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine! is a resource for casual game news and reviews. Each day we release a game review and focus on the best titles for such computer platforms as WindowsPC, Mac, Palm, PocketPC.Our mission is to provide our visitors with accurate information on top quality shareware and online games lately released to the market as well as keep them informed of the latest trends and events in the casual gaming world. Our N1 target is to provide the comprehensive information to our customers rather than just advertise games (game play basics, feature set, tips and tricks).

Edible Oil in Carpet and Clothing is a Mess

Lots of foods we love to eat are greasy and oily. Unfortunately, this
grease and oil can spill, splatter and drip not only into our mouth or
fall on our napkin, but also get right onto the front of our new shirt.

and grease stains can not only get on your clothing, however, but also
on your carpet and upholstery, if we eat near these surfaces or from a
greasy bag or box of pizza, for example. When dealing with cooking oil
in carpet, it’s especially important to deal with this stain
immediately.  The longer it’s allowed to remain in your carpet, the more
difficult it will be to remove.

Removing Oil Stains And Grease Stains From Carpet

Step 1: Blot up as much of the grease or oil as possible from the carpet without spreading the stain further.

2: Place an absorbent, such as cornstarch or baking soda, onto the oil
stain, and let it soak in for approximately 15 minutes.

Step 3: Scrape or vacuum up the absorbent, which has absorbed some of the oil or grease.

Depending on the amount of the grease or oil spilled you may need to
repeat this step several times until no more is absorbed by the baking
soda or corn starch.

Step 4: For the grease and oil still remaining take a clean white cloth and sponge the stain with a dry cleaning solvent.

Hint: First, be sure to test this solvent on an inconspicuous area of the carpet to make sure it is safe.

Step 5: Next, blot at the stain until the solvent is absorbed.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 until the stains are removed from the carpet

that does not work you can mix a solution of two cups cool water and
one tablespoon dishwashing liquid, and using this solution, sponge the
stain with a clean white cloth, blotting at the stain until the liquid
is absorbed, and the stain removed.

Once the stain from the oil
and grease is gone use plain cold water and a new white cloth and sponge
the area to remove the cleaning solution, and then blot dry.

Hint: Be sure to get the carpet only as wet as necessary for grease and oil stain removal.

Grease And Oil Stain Removal From Clothing

Step 1: Rub a small amount of hand dishwashing soap into the fabric.

Step 2: Rinse the stained area well, flushing away both the oil and grease and the dishwashing liquid solution.

Step 3: Pretreat the stain with a laundry prewash stain remover.

Step 4: Launder in the hottest water allowed for the fabric to thoroughly remove the stain and the grease and oil.

Make sure the stain is gone after washing, but before you place in the
dryer or you may set the stain. Repeat if necessary.

For more tips on cleaning carpet, check the links below:

carpet cleaning auckland, carpet cleaning west auckland

Graeme Stephens has been running the largest owned carpet cleaning companyin new Zealand for 24 years. IICRC qualified “master restoration technician”

Insider Information About Good Cooking In Spain

Cooking in Spain has been one of the Spanish’s prides for a long time now. Spain cooking tours are truly unique and are cultural trips that vacationers should be looking for!

Europe is a continent filled cultural wonders. Almost all of the countries on it have something great to offer; from spectacular views to the most delectable foods on earth. Some of the hottest spots here are Spain, Italy and France.

Spain lies in southwestern part of Europe and along Mediterranean coast. Historically, Spain is one of the most powerful and rich nations in this region. Its popularity and influence has been recognized even in the earlier times.

At present, Spain remains as it was, recognized and respected. Economically speaking, this nation is among the top earners of the world. This country also doesn’t fail to follow the movement in technology and this can already be seen with its transportation and traffic system.

Aside from its history and economy, this nation is also well known, because of the wonderful spots and amazing cuisine. Truly, Spain is always among the top choices and alternatives when it comes to tourism.

Spain has a lot of things to show off to its visitors. One can even say that it is a place where history still lives. With its varying architectures portraying different movement in the art: Baroque, Neoclassical to modern.

Aside from the amazing architectures, literature, music and food are some of the other cultural heritage of this great nation. Cooking in Spain is a popular activity that has caught and attracted the interest of gourmets in the world. Hence, Spain cooking tours are no longer a surprise for some.

Spain cooking tours are among the most considered trips of this nation. Such vacation packages include cooking class in Spain, introductions of the different dishes in and refreshing beverages of Spain.

Like Italian cooking classes, cooking in Spain can be done under different reasons and manner. Some cooking schools in Spain may offer couples’ cooking, recreational cooking, or private cooking classes.

Though it may be possible to learn Spanish kitchen through online cooking class, still, tourists prefer to discover Queen Mary’s cuisine while enjoying their taste in the real time world.

A cooking trip in this country can offer a whole bunch of delicacies and excitement to anyone. Aside from learning the popular recipes in Spain such as Tapas of Granada, chorizo and other exotic dishes, you too can enjoy a tranquil and rejuvenating vacation.

Moreover, you can also indulge yourself with other activities while learning Spanish cuisine. You can visit churches, castles, exotic villas and great Mediterranean beaches of the country.

So, still wondering why you should take a cooking tour in Spain?

If so, here is another great reason why: music. Yes, the Spanish love music! For them, it too has the capacity to nourish a person. And if combined with food, a person doesn’t only fill his stomach but his soul too.

Cooking in Spain is a passion and not just an activity to accommodate survival. Surely, it worth’s every penny that you would put into it. So, ready to discover Spain with your tongue?

For some exciting Cooking in spain adventures, go visit our site. Here you will find other cooking tours to other European countries. Come to and discover the cooking you can add to your great portfolios.

Start Your Vacation With A Cooking Class?

Starting your Thailand vacation with a class or a course from a Thai Cooking School offers you several benefits over leaving the cooking school experience till the last day of your vacation: Some of these benefits are:

1. the trip to the market will teach you how to select fresh ingredients and which fruits make your body hot and which counter them by making your body cold and which not to combine together.

2. You will learn what makes the difference for a great Thai dish and you will know when you are being served lesser quality foods and why it tastes that way.

3. You could learn how to tell your meal providers to not add MSG as it it Thai’s favorite food flavoring ingredient and you should stay away from MSG.

4. Depending on the school you could make a very valuable resource by befriending your teacher.

5. Again depending on the class, you choose, and as in a class by Chef LeezThai Cooking School BKK, you may even receive a food presentation or fruit carving demonstration.

6. This also allows you an option to end your trip with a cookery class and refresh what you learned in the first classes plus learn a few additional dishes.

Whether you take cookery classes at the start, all throughout or at the end of your trip here is a are 8 questions to help you in selecting from the many Thailand cooking school options.

1. Does the school website answer all your questions or does it leave you with unanswered questions … There’s a reason for nondisclosure … and I’m positive it’s not that they don’t know what they charge or what they teach …

2. Location: is important even if you are not coming through Bangkok you can still apply this check list to your Thai cooking school selection research. There are reputable cooking schools in every major center. Some schools have small storefront schools to leave you with the impression of small classes but these store fronts are used as student pick-up centers from where you will be delivered to a large class comprised of many store front pick-ups.

3. Teacher experience: A true answer to this question may be impossible to obtain. But again I ask why is it not post it to their website? Where did the teacher train or they simply able to cook and speak basic English?

4. Teacher qualification: As in question 2 a true answer to this question would likely be an exception. Most of the teachers will not have degrees or certificates of culinary study nor will they have a Thai Dept. of Skills level 1 or higher diploma.

5. Teacher Style: Ask if they teach “the craft”, the technique to Thai cuisine as many schools instruct their teacher not to take the time to impart this to you as it is time consuming.

6. The School: Remember … Thailands’ temperatures will be between 30 and 40 degrees celsius and if you are in some alley school in the open air and you fire up the gas burners you can bet you’re gonna sweat! A climate controlled school costs more to operate and as a result will cost more for a class but provides for clean cool air during your class. One outdoor school was simply a private residence porch barbecue used as a school! Do you really want to sit on the floor, Thai style, to prepare your ingredients? Why not use a table and chair? Do they overbook? If so, will you actually cook or be like in the audience and watch while others cook?

7. Price: Costs are important and no one likes to be taken!. My research found rates as high as 1,000 baht per dish with the lowest being 800 per set of 5 dishes in an outdoor setting with the average price being near 300 baht per dish and air con schools averaging 400 per dish or 2,400 baht for 6 dishes.

8. Notoriety: Some schools are all about their dog and pony shows, dressed in Thai formal wear they dance and sing and rhyme to you.

One School that passed this check list with flying colors with a score of 8/8 is Chef leeZ Thai Cooking School BKK a CSI Cooking Schools Intl. affiliate school.

1. They offer many class options and their recipes and HowTo videos are a free download from their site.

2. If you are going through Bangkok you owe it to yourself to check out them out as they are only 15 minute walk north of BKK’s infamous Khao San Rd and can also be easily accessed by river boat and 30 minuites by taxi from all popular foreigner hotels.

3. They don’t leave you guessing as to the quality of class and instruction you will receive as  it’s clearly posted to their website in the form of a short video as are a sampling of CSI’s many hundreds of testimonials on Kruzon Ltd’s Flicker account (hundreds and hundreds of them) and nearly as many reviews on Trip Advisor making them TA #1 since 2011.

4. Their website proudly posts their owner and head chef & teachers’ qualifications Thanaporn (Lee) Boonloh B.B.A. in a short flip book.  

5. Chef Lee has a magnetic Thai personality and lathers you in her Thai charms and truly treats you with the care that reflects her desire to have you return where many schools look at you as a one-time mark.

6. Their School  is an indoor air conditioned controlled environment with tables and chairs.

7. Their current rate is 1,500 baht for 5 Thai omnivore or vegan dishes plus the 3 free extras added to nearly every group class, and their regular season rate is 1800 baht and at that is a steal of a deal as they always deliver more

Learn Special Winter Recipes from DirecTV's Cooking Programs

Be it any season, cooking and food are an integral part of all festivities and jubilance and so for winter month also people can try out special recipes thereby beating the cold and thus enhancing your enjoyment level to its peak.  Are you thinking how you can learn the tricks of cooking special dishes for winter and win all the applause at dinner table? If such is the case then your search would definitely stop at DirecTV.


There was a time when people can only enjoy handpicked programs at television and that too at fixed hours of a day. With the coming of Satellite TV the concept in television programming underwent a sea change thereby bringing home vista of programs for viewers of varied choices and preferences. Especially with DirecTV Satellite TV provider you are assured to get programs that are excellence per se. For cooking shows, as have been mentioned, one should stick to DirecTV channels on cooking and food stuffs.


In nutshell, whether you are a specialist or a novice in cooking, cookery programs on DirecTV encompass the need and demand of all types of people. Suppose you are busy and can’t find time to cook delicacies for the unexpected guests at your home, what will you do then? Cooking simple dishes in moment’s time is what is needed and at DirecTV programs we can get all the valuable tips and advices. There is another aspect that is closely related to cooking. Health is wealth and cooking healthy yet tasty food stuff is definitely the call of the time. How tasty may be the food if it is not good for health it should be good to throw it all in the trash bin of your kitchen.  Thanks to DirecTV you can also view special health food related programs that are truly valuable for your healthy life. Watching the dieticians and nutritionists talking hours on health and food will definitely inject some valuable info in your mind and make you health conscious. Isn’t it so?  Suitable food for diabetic patient, food to avoid for heart patients , tips to cook light and healthy food for babies – all these and many more are aired round the clock at DirecTV.


Are you curious enough to know in details about few channels of DirecTV that air special shows on cooking? At Cooking Channel (DirecTV channel no 232) is an exclusive channel that offer programs than just food. Apart from usual stuff for foodies, you can also avail all the new advices of specialized chefs and much more. Avail Food network on DirecTV channel no 231. It supports all its audiences to develop skill in preparing new food recipes and also learn the techniques of cooking healthy food. Go on exploring the latest offerings of top class restaurants of the whole world. Special shows of celebrity popular chefs like the popular Emeril Lagasseas well all the top class restaurateurs, working mothers and superstars also have gained much buzz amongst all the food lovers.


All foodies can expect to get something extra if they opt for the DirecTV packing service. With DirecTV DVR in your hand you can record those cooking shows and go on watching them several times and horn the skill of cooking and stuff.

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Have a glimpse of programs on cooking from DirecTV. You will definitely find programs of your choice from all the exclusive DirecTV channels.

Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Cooking Knives

There are many inexpensive cooking knives out there. Go in any big box retail store and you can find an assortment of chefs knives, paring knives and kitchen cutlery for fairly low prices. That’s OK, if you do not plan to use them. They look pretty in the wooden knife block and that is where they should stay because you will wear yourself out trying to use them much.

You Get What You Pay For
If cooking is your thing you should avoid buying a drawer full of inexpensive knives. Invest in just a few good quality kitchen knives. To start, you only need three good knives; you can add to your kitchen arsenal over time.

You will use a chefs knife or paring knife for about 80% of the cutting and chopping work. Delicate work will most often be done with your paring knife and it is important that it be kept sharp.

Three Must Have Cooking Knives
•    Short Chefs knife 6-8 inches long
•    Long Chefs knife 8-12 inches long
•    Sharp paring knife

Ease of Use
One of the best reasons to buy a better quality cooking knife sits at the end of your arm-your hand. A cheap knife is just that, cheap. The handles are made of plastic or wood that is often uncomfortable to grip. This puts extra stress on your hand and arm, making the work harder to perform. Over time, working with poorly made knives can cause pain, and even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A quality cooking knife is easier to hold and feels better in your hand. The grip is ergonomically crafted to fit comfortably in your hand and the knife is balanced to make the work easier to do. You can do much neater, more professional looking knife work with a well balanced, quality constructed cooking knife. High quality carbon steel or polished stainless steel blades stay sharp longer and the grip is much more comfortable.

Invest wisely and cooking can be the enjoyable experience it should be and not an onerous chore.

What to Look for:
•    High quality forged carbon steel blades
•    High quality polished stainless steel blades
•    Ergonomic hand grips for easy use
•    Balanced for ease of use
•    A knife that feels good in your hand

Jannell Bowman is dedicated to helping good cooks become great by offering professional quality cooking knives at value prices. When it has to be quality, visit Jannell for kitchen cutlery you can count on. Get your next favorite knife today at

Know Basics Of Shroom Grow Kits To Grow It At Home For Medical And Cooking

The increasing demand of Mushroom Grow Kits shows the trend how much we are concerned about growing mushrooms at home. The medical use of mushroom is very popular as it is prescribed by doctors for the speedy recovery of patients from several health problems. It has also encouraged people to cultivate a variety of mushrooms like hiitake, Portabello, Buttons, Maitake or hen-of-the-woods, Morels, Oyster, enoki, etc. They are well-known as a healthy diet that contain low-calorie and usually cooked raw or with less amount of oil. Several varieties of mushrooms are high in dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins like niacin, cobalamins, thiamine, riboflavin and ascorbic acid, but not a good source of vitamin D.

Many people consider mushrooms as meat that are extensively used in cooking. Its fat-free attribute has several health benefits for health conscious people. There is no doubt about their high nutritional value. It is very easy to grow several types of mushrooms at home, you only need some quality mushroom kits and a well-customized hydroponic growing system. There are some valuable tips for the beginners who are unaware of the basic things of mushroom cultivation inside the home or vegetable garden.

First of all, you have to collect good quality Shroom Grow Kits. The spores of mushrooms have to be placed in a dark place or corner where there is mild light. The cool, damp or dark place makes an ideal atmosphere for plants. The temperature of 75 F for the first two week and after that 62 F is required for the proper development. This is why, people can use adjustable HPS (high pressure sodium lights) that can be set according to the requirements. Some slices of manure can be used as a composted material to increase the growth of plant. People can also use light minerals and rice flour in the pot. The moister level around the plant is also very important. For that, misting sprayers are available in the market that can maintain an ideal moister level throughout the growth phase. Time to time observations and striping of sporeprint should be carried out till the final stage of the plant.

Overall, it is not a very difficult task to develop a good crop of mushroom at home if you have completed the basics of proper mushroom grow kits and followed the instructions of experts. It is a good idea to grow shrooms at home even if you have limited space. It would be an entertaining as well as cost-effective method instead of buying mushroom from supermarkets.

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Find Mushroom Grow Kits and Shroom Grow Kits related information at

Kitchen Cooktops: The Advantages of Cooking with Gas

Although electricity make our lives easier, when it comes to cook on the stove nothing is more efficient and responsive than gas. Regardless if it is to steam, boil, grill, etc, cooking with gas offers numerous advantages.

#1 – Instantly Heat Response

The main reason why professional kitchens use gas kitchen cooktops is because they offer an easy heat control. Flame intensity can be controlled with a simple turn of the dial, making change in heat fast and precise. With gas kitchen cooktops there is no need to wait for the pan to heat up or cool down. That saves you time and avoid your dishes getting spoilt due a low response.

#2 – Flat Heat Distribution

To distribute heat evenly across the cookware, electric cooktops and pans need to be extremely flat. Because the flame on gas cooktops are central, they are able to heat pans evenly – without cool spots. In addition, with electric cooktops the entire surface gets heat up, which makes gas cooktops also safer as they are cooler when turned off.

#3 – Less Heat Waste 

Gas cooktops emit less heat than those powered by electricity, generating less heat in your home. Aside of keeping your home cooler when they are on, as soon as you turn them off the flame is extinguished – vanishing the heat source. Electric cooktops keep emitting heat even after they are switched off.

#4 – Less Operating Costs

Although gas kitchen cooktops may represent an initial higher investment, in a long term their operating costs are lower than with electric models.

#5 – Environmentally Friendly

When compared to electric cooktops, gas cooktops are far more environmentally friendly. That because gas exhaust products are cleaner than the coal burned to produced electricity.

#6 – Unaffected By Power Cuts

One of the greatest advantages of gas kitchen cooktops is that you can still using them to cook in case there is no electricity. And even though you need electricity to power the ignition, you can solve this problem with a match.

When it comes to finding great deals on kitchen cooktops that is pretty easy. With a large number of companies selling them online or in local stores, that does not only mean you will have multiple options to choose from, but a wide variety of price ranges as well.

Vicky is writer and blogger since 2006.

Chicken Breast Recipes – Delicious And Healthy

Is cooking your passion and you love to try new things to tempt your taste buds? In our busy lives, we do not get enough time to nurture our hobbies, so cooking on the weekends can be fun and experimenting. More and more people are beginning to like Nigella Lawson Recipes because of their hassle free involvement and great taste. If you wish to try on some professional-looking baking recipes, trying a Fondant Recipe is a great option.

Fondant is a versatile product that consists of sugar and water. It has an edge over traditional butter cream icing where it comes with ease of molding and stays intact even in hot weather. For all those who wish to seek perfection in baking and icing, this product is very useful. As fondant adds to the aura of any baking product – professionals love to use it. Fondant is easy to mold into any shape so can be very appealing to the kids. If you love to prepare delicacies for kids, a Fondant Recipe can be rolled, sculpted, painted, air-brushed, and colored for attractive presentation. Some of the favorite fondant recipes for kids include fondant puddings, mocha fondant, fondant fall leaves, fondant Christmas cake, and frosted fondant of orange.

If you are a weekend cook, you can experiment with some great Nigella Lawson Recipes to surprise your family. Nigella Lawson is a renowned celebrity chef of Britain. She is quite popular across the world because of her tempting and easy-to-prepare recipes. Nigella believes in reducing the cooking effort to minimum and maximizing the taste with relative ease. Her recipes like sesame peanut noodles, gingerbread stuffing, pecan-plus pie, porcini gratin, and eggnog cream are few examples of cooking great meals in minimum time. You are sure to win applause of your family and friends with her wonderful recipes.

You can choose to opt for recipes that can be cooked slowly in oven, leaving time for you to take a shower, talk with a friend over the phone, or help the kids with their homework. All the recipes by Nigella Lawson can be prepared with minimum stress and taste simply great. Those fond of meat and looking for a healthy option can opt for Chicken Breast Recipes as well. The unsaturated fats contained in chicken breast do not harm the body unlike saturated fats which slowdown digestion.

If you have recently started to polish your culinary skills, you can start with simple recipes like chicken breast with veggies, chicken and rice, Mexican chicken breasts, and chicken breasts with bacon. Chicken breast is a rich source of lean protein and has very less amount of fat.

Cooking for your kids and family members can be a very exciting and fun-filled experience.

A sumptuous meal cooked with relative ease adds to the joy of family togetherness. Online resources can be quite helpful for you to look for handy resources to make those finger-licking recipes. Your delicious and tantalizing recipes are sure to win hearts of your family and friends and will leave them asking for more.

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Readers can also go to our website and find beneficial information about Fondant Recipe and Nigella Lawson Recipes.

Dutch Oven Cooking Basics

When you think of a cast iron Dutch oven, what comes to your mind? Pioneer cooking? Stews over the open fire?

Of coarse both are true, but they are still very much in use today and as for the Dutch oven, the possibilities are endless.

Dutch ovens can be used for frying, baking, boiling, and steaming as well.

Purchasing Your Dutch Oven

When purchasing your Dutch oven, make sure the lid has a raised ridge. This is to hold your heat source, which will be briquettes.

This will help you to reach the proper temperature needed for whatever cooking you are wanting to do , with the exception of boiling or frying.

In which case you would want all the heat on the bottom.

Heating Fundimentals

If you are planning on baking, you need more heat on the top than on the bottom.

Put one briquette on the bottom for every 3 on the top of the lid.

For preparing stews, use one on the top for every 4 on the bottom. When roasting, put briquettes on the top and bottom evenly.

Best Temperature

To understand the temperature and number of briquettes needed takes a little math.

Each briquette adds about 25 degrees of heat.

A good starting temperature is 350 degrees F.

To figure out how many briquettes to use, take the size of the oven in inches, and subract three to get the number of briquettes for under it, and add three to get the number of briquettes for the top.

Preparing To Cure Your Dutch Oven

Now that you understand the basics of using your Dutch oven you need to prepare or cure your oven before using it.

Some cast iron ovens have a protective covering which you will need to remove .

You will need to do some scrubbing with a non-abrasive scubber.

Once the covering is removed, rinse and dry the oven and then let it air dry.

Curing It

To cure your oven, pre-heat your kitchen stove to 350 degrees. Place the Dutch oven on the center rack, with the lid open slightly.

Allow it to heat slowly until it is too hot to handle. Apply a thin layer of salt free cooking oil with a clean cloth to the Dutch oven inside and out.

Place your oven back inside the stove with the lid slightly open. Bake your oven for about an hour.


After baking , allow the Dutch oven to cool slowly.

When it is cool enough to handle, repeat the oil again the same as before and bake again.

When cool enough apply a third layer of oil, but this time it is ready for use.

Preparing your Dutch oven in this way prevents rust and makes for much easier cleaning as well


To clean your oven after use, scrape it out, add warm water, without soap, and heat it in the oven until the water is almost boiling.

For any food that sticks a little, use a non-abrasive scrubber.

Protect your Dutch oven again by warming it in the stove, applying a thin coating of oil and letting it cool. Its now ready for storage.

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