Things To Know When Cooking At Campsites

KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – is great when you’re camping, but you can still treat yourself to a little outdoor luxury by expanding some of your camp kitchen accessories.

Instead of bringing instant coffee, you could purchase a reliable coffee maker. Percolators are common, drip style portable models are also available, or you could indulge in a portable espresso maker. You’d be surprised what’s available to add a little luxury to your camp coffee drinking. If this is out of the question, the flavored instant coffees available are also a treat. Remember to bring that hot chocolate mix, too. A mocha made with regular instant coffee and hot chocolate is satisfying as well.

For the wine drinkers, there are shock-proof wine glasses. A quality stainless steel travel mug or thermos can be a real asset to keeping drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold.

There are various dishes available for serving your food. We like the aluminum plates. We put a paper plate on top, so you don’t need to wash them. Remember to add utensils to your kitchen kit to add some refinement to your outdoor dining experience.

If you plan on doing some fishing during your camping trip, remember to bring a proper fillet knife if you plan on cooking it over your campfire. Remember to clean the fish well away from your campsite and properly dispose of the waste.

Folding tables are also great accessories for car camping. We usually bring a regular circular folding table and a folding camp table. We use the folding camp table to place he camp stoves and washing basins on. The circular folding table is used for our dinning table and game table if the campsite does not have a picnic table.

There is a variety of outdoor cookware to choose from. If you plan on using it for backpack camping, you’ll want the most lightweight and durable cookware you can afford. If you plan on only using the cookware for car camping, a combination of cast-iron and stainless steel works well. Cast-iron can be used over the fire pit, while stainless steel works best over the camp stove.

If you’re at a loss for meal ideas, an outdoors cookbook comes in handy. Remember to prepare you food in advance to ensure you have the necessary spices and ingredients. If you’re cooking with potatoes, it’s a good idea to cook these in advance, too.

One of the joys of camping is cooking meals for the family. Its always fun to get the whole family involved in some way. That way the meal will be appreciated by everyone.

Remember to keep your campsite clean and not leave any food out in the open. We use clear plastic boxes with folding lids for this purpose. There are unwelcome wildlife guests (from chipmunks, squirrels, and birds during the day to deer and bears at night) who are looking for easy pickings. If your weather will be unpredictable, bring a couple of tarps or a portable shelter to keep your kitchen and eating area covered if it rains.

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Personal Trainer Explains "3 Foods That Appear To Be Healthy But Aren't"

Because of the large market for health foods, manufacturers will try to trick you into thinking a bad food is a healthy one in an effort to steal your hard earned cash.

Some scary examples will be shown below. Take care that you don’t get fooled by these marketers and protect your health and the health of your family and loved ones.

Fake Healthy Food #1

Orange Juice. How can the humble breakfast staple be an unhealthy products. Yes fresh oranges are a great sources of vitamins and are good for you, but orange juice can be a killer.

Why? Well commercial orange juice is made in huge processing plants. These plants take in vast quantities of whole oranges and crush them. The bad news is that the skins are also crushed together with the rest of the orange in this process. (Later to be used for animal feed)

That is a problem because of all the pesticides in the orange skins! These chemicals get mixed into your juice. These chemicals are choline inhibitors. That means that they interfere with your brains ability to handle memory and images. In effect, commercial orange juice is a brain toxin. Stay away!

Fake Healthy Food #2

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are often seen as the “breakfast of champions” and this is exactly what advertisements will tell you.

Don’t fall for it!

Cereals are made from the ground pulp of grains. This pulp has close to zero nutrients because the fibrous and mineral containing husks of the grains are already removed. In addition, allergy to grains is very high especially among the Caucasian population.

An experiment at the University of Michigan involved 18 rats. They were divided into three groups: one group received corn flakes and water; the second group was fed water as well as the cardboard box that came with the corn flakes; the control group received rat chow and water.

The control group was fine. The rats eating the box were malnourished of course and eventually died. But the rats receiving the corn flakes and water died before the rats that were eating the box! (The last corn flake rat died the day the first box rat died.)

They also died a ugly death, which included schizophrenic behavior, fits, convulsions and biting each other.

The conclusion is that the cornflake box was more nutritious than the cornflakes!

Fake Healthy Food #3

Milk. Gasp, especially with all the celebs advertising for milk. Milk itself is not the problem, its just the low quality milk that is usually available to us! Fresh, raw cow milk is actually ok! But when we drink processed milk from unhealthy cows, we end up with…

Reduced Fat Content – Good fats like those in milk are NOT bad for us. But our modern milk has little of this. We use the fats in milk to absorb the other nutrients in the milk, so milk without fat can actually drain your body’s nutrients.

Watery, low nutrient milk – This is a result of cows unnaturally raised, fed bad things like soy and orange peels and rushed into milk production

Powdered milk – These milks are created with a lot of exposure to oxygen. This oxidizes the cholesterol and fat in the milk making is very unhealthy for us because of the increased risk of heart disease.

Coach Jonathan Wong, is a sought after Singapore personal trainer and performance expert who has helped hundreds of clients in Singapore achieve their fitness, fat loss and sports performance goals. He Is also a fitness author and a member of Singapore Men’s Health Advisory Panel. Visit his website and blog for a free 1500 page e-book and constant updates.

A Lesson Of Cooking From Dish Network

Are you sick and tired of usual boring stuffs from local television channels? You will either have old trash movies to watch or bombard your mind with sports events and games. Entertainment world encompasses things beyond the usual stuffs of singing, dancing, movies and games. Cooking is a good habit and watching cookery shows can bring in enough delight and amusement. Understanding this verve of the people DISH Network has started quite a number of channels that air shows on food and cooking. Especially amongst all the female subscribers DISH Networks cooking channels have gained much popularity and fame. There is a common saying that journey to a mans heart is through his stomach and to win the hearts of your beloved catch hold of exclusive recipes from top class chefs. You can get these from DISH Network cooking channels, plus special cooking competition, specials recipes from celebrities and exclusive tips for fast cooking and many more.

There is no doubt that DISH Network has a variety of cooking programs that suffice the need and demands of people of all types. For working women who want to prepare sumptuous dishes can get the tips of fast cooking. For all those meticulous housewives there will be no dearth of cooking programs that help them to know the tricks of learning the hot and yummy recipes from top notch chefs. In this way cooking shows on DISH Network is a right choice for all, starting from novice cookers to the experts who want to enhance their cooking skill to a great extent.

There is the health aspect that the cooking shows of DISH Network have paid much heed. Gone is the time when people ate heavily and thus fell ill quite easily. Now mantra of the day is eat to live and not live to eat. Every now and then DISH channels telecast special shows where all the famous nutritionists and diet experts discuss various aspects like diet for weight loss, food and health. They will also provide tips of how to cook light food that are healthy and also tasty. There are more for DISH Network subscribers. These cookery shows are interactive thereby providing all the subscribers the right scope to make direct calls on these live shows are and make all their queries answered without much trouble.

Want to know about some of the DISH TV channels that offer exclusive programs and services on cooking? Here is a short list. Cooking Channel is on DISH TV channel no. 113 that airs exciting programs on food and cooking. On Food Network, the DISH TV channel no. 110 that offers something more than just cooking. Reality shows, lifestyle, all issues to cooking and food are covered in much detail.

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Some New Gadgets For The Cooking area

Lots of people today invest lots of their day inside the kitchen. That’s why it’s so necessary to love your kitchen. In each kitchen, there need to be installed numerous of appliances for simple and pleasant cooking. When the cook is happy, everything they do will turn out better and also the food will likely be terrific.

Nowadays, probably the most preferred kitchen appliances are the washing machines, refrigerators and grinders. You’ll find lots of other people, too, and they can assist us with everything from washing clothes to chopping vegetables to taking out the trash. Each 1 of the kitchen appliances has very critical purpose. Be certain to read up and make a list of appliances you want just before you go shopping. Select a suitable store, from where you’ll buy the very best kitchen gadgets, since that way you’ll prevent the disappointment of buying counterfeit products from some counterfeit firms. Garage sales and other used sales are a fantastic place to come across deals on all types of appliances. You may perhaps truly discover great items there, if you are a savvy shopper. A Cuisinart Supreme ice cream maker can be fun to use with the kids.

Don’t forget about the smaller appliances. These can genuinely aid you out, too. On the other hand, there are larger appliances for the kitchen, which have main roles. Several of the smaller appliances like toasters, electric skillets, blenders, mixers, and other people are cheaper and effortlessly out there. The best of them are those that may lasts longer without breaking down. The Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor is a durable piece of kitchen equipment. Of course, it’s the bigger appliances which are definitely the ones that save time.

What are the three major kitchen appliances in every residence? Probably the 1st principal appliance is the electric stove. You couldn’t cook with out it. Furthermore, this is a quite very good investment, because it helps you to show your culinary abilities. Another crucial kitchen appliance is the refrigerator. Refrigerators are crucial in a modern house, since they permit you to store food for a long time without it going poor. The final primary kitchen appliance is the vacuum cleaner, which is really a seriously critical kitchen appliance. The vacuum cleaner seriously cuts down cleaning time. It can prevent back pain and other kinds of pain caused by bending over.

There are so quite a few useful kitchen appliances offered right now. Listed above are just a few of the primary appliances. Think about what you want form an appliance prior to you acquire it. That way, you’ll find that shopping for such items can be a great deal easier.


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How to Cook with World Recipes

Being proficient with recipes is a great thing due to the fact that you can have the same meal many times without even feeling bored with the dish; this is most helpful especially when you cherish one particular type of food. You do not have to be a professional cook to get a well prepared meal to enjoy with your family and friends on a regular basis, if you get the right exposure and information on world recipes you will find yourself coming up with finger licking meals just like that!

Using different parts of a recipe such as different organs of the same animal meat in happy cooking can give you different fantastic results from the same source. Many world recipes from established sources reveal simple tricks to coming up with sweet delicacies, such as using spices and in some chicken recipes you may add vegetable chunks to get the good and tasty finishing. Before completion of happy cooking of chicken it would be best to add some complements such as rice so that it’s a full course once you are done. When spicing the meals it is more crucial to consider specific items as detailed in many world recipes, these may include onions, carrots, celery, parsley or even basil.

Cooking chicken using Jamaican jerk can bring out a spicy taste that can really arouse taste bud and sustain many happy cooking moments, the chicken just has to be placed in olive oil to cook and after a sufficient time you can add garlic and onion or even pepper according to the specification of the world recipes that you use. The next best option to add into the happy cooking elements can be kidney beans which are used without juices, when added together with tomato sauce and served according to the world recipes with rice or other starch products serves its purpose.

To get a variety of happy cooking recipes on chicken preparation will be useful in getting tasty choices of the same meal. The cookbook containing world recipes brings you to books on the many cultural sophistications of the happy cooking that give different food tastes and also help you experiment on your own. More to the recipes is that you will be able to figure how to prepare meals that satisfy the whole family and still get them to like the flavors and appreciate your cook strategy. The more you put yourself through the terms of the cooking you become more proficient.

Apart from chicken being a great source of proteins, it also bears a great taste and gives you a chance to experiment on your cooking. It is easy to cook meat that flavors well and can be well incorporated with other dishes; this is because of its versatility. It is important to find good cookbooks with world recipes to enlighten yourself on the various combinations for a particular meal you are trying to prepare, this will also be beneficial to your budget such that you could eat the same meal severally without boredom.

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Autumn Cooking Ideas For Kids

So you and your children have made a couple of peanut butter sandwiches together, and the two of you feel ready to take on the contestants from Iron Chef, huh? While we’re not doubting your talents, children’s cooking is supposed to extend beyond the delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread cut into triangles.

I don’t care how much fun (or how delicious) making those PB&J’s with your kids might be, there is going to come a time when they’ll be looking for a new challenge.

If you run out of ideas yourself, the internet is full of fun and easy cooking ideas for kids. In this article, we’re going to discuss an easy recipe for beginners: applesauce.

The first time I made applesauce with my children was when my oldest daughter lost her front two teeth within a week of each other. The poor girl, as adorable as she looked with her tongue sticking out of each smile, was frustrated as could be trying to bite into her favorite foods… one of which was an apple. She’d learned the old-saying “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away” at a very young age, and being deathly afraid of the doctor, ingested an apple nearly every day.

So we made applesauce. All we needed was a few apples, some water, and a cup of sugar. We peeled, cored, and sliced the apples, put them, and water, into the pan and let them simmer for 10-15 minutes, added the sugar, and once everything cooled, voila! We had applesauce.

(You can add brown sugar and cinnamon to the product, to increase its sweetness. I know we did.)

Another one of my favorite things to make when cooking with kids is roasted pumpkin seeds. This is especially great after carving your Halloween pumpkins. Rather than throw them out, you can teach your kids the importance of conserving and recycling by turning the inner parts of your pumpkin into a tasty snack.

Just take your pumpkin seeds and lay them out on a tray and paper towel over night to let them dry. The next day, toss the seeds into olive oil, butter, or spray them with a cooking spray and place them spread out on a baking sheet. Cover them in seasonings of your choice (salt is the most basic, though my kids and I are fans of cayenne pepper) and bake until they’re golden brown.

This is just one of the many easy, simple, and delicious cooking ideas for kids. As we mentioned earlier there is a plethora of additional ideas throughout the internet, so don’t blame your lack of imagination for not spending time cooking with your kids.

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Scrumptious Curds On your Cooking

A dietary staple in lots of areas of the entire world, Curds or Yogurt is definitely an amusing and accidental discovery for mankind. Curd continues to be close to with us for ages and is employed profusely in cooking and for its medicinal properties.

Elements: The elementary along with the most all-natural type of curd is manufactured with milk products, that is curdled by means of society (Jaman), as well as other acidic substances these types of as lemon and vinegar. Soybean curd which is certainly created by curdling the soy milk products is an additional wholesome preference.

Sugar and Lactose gift from the milk products get transformed into lactic acid throughout the strategy of curdling giving rise to some thicker and stable kind that may be termed as curd or Yogurt.

Tips and hints to line excellent curd:

* Top quality of curd largely is determined by the active way of life accustomed to curdle the milk products. Use unique customs (Jaman) to line the curd.
* Boil needed amount of whole milk and cool it to space temperature. Create only a teaspoon of current curd and hold aside at a hotter put to line the curds.
* Curd arranged making use of Buffalo whole milk is thicker than the curd that is located with Cow’s whole milk.
* Use a teaspoon of Soy powder for your thicker and creamy curds.
* It will take 5-6 several hours in sizzling climate and 14-15 a long time in chilly weather conditions to obtain a flawlessly establish curd. To boost the strategy of curdling in wintertime, destination the milk products using the lifestyle in a very microwave free of switching it on.
* Sizzling situation can help to line the curd swifter through wintertime.

Well-being Features of Curds:

* The most critical along with the healthy and balanced reside micro organism current within the curd tends to make it highly exceptional and also a nutritious foodstuff method for all ages.
* Curd is abundant in calcium, protein, riboflavin and nutritional vitamins.
* It is usually decreased in excess fat and substantial in potassium, furnished the whole milk accustomed to make the curd is skimmed and cheap flab.
* Curd is accustomed to stop diarrhea.
* Curd is suppose to enhance longevity and immunity.

* It lowers dangerous ldl cholesterol and raises effective ldl cholesterol inside the blood.
* Facilitates in opposition to arthritis and abdomen ulcers and a number of other belly conditions.
* Improves digestion.
* Calcium gift in your curd may help strengthen the bones.
* Curd is especially beneficial in the course of the therapy of a number of conditions, because it replenishes the helpful micro organism misplaced all through heavy medicine.
* Final but not the least it will be a boon for lactose intolerant who’re allergic to take advantage of and whole milk items. Because the protein in curd is definitely digestible than that in whole milk.

Prudent way to incorporate Curds in Diet regime;

* Use skimmed milk products or very low extra fat whole milk to line the curd.
* Buttermilk is considerably more healthy selection than curds which happens to be 1:three areas of curds to water.
* Lassi – sweetened and heavy buttermilk is known as a rejuvenating summertime drink.
* Srikhand and Indian delicacy is an incredible dessert.
* Combine nuts, recent fruits and granolas to your bowl of curd to have a healthful breakfast.
* Make oatmeal porridge with curds and roasted cumin powder.
* Sprinkle herbs this kind of as coriander leaves, mint and dill for just a tasty accompaniment to any meal.
* Dips produced with hung curd is fine with sliced fruits and steamed veggies.
* Raita is an amazing recipe which matches very well with any meals for the day. Combine sliced cucumber, pineapple and apples to get a rejuvenating raitas.
* Bring a teaspoon of sugar despite the fact that setting the curds for just a brief and rejuvenating dessert.

It will be 3 cheers for curds, with all of the overall healthiness perks accrued to it and for becoming among the most versatile cooking substances on hand to us.

Lite recipes for best suited healthiness. Quick-to-cook, simple and nutritious recipes for active couples, bachelors and all individuals for whom time is treasured. Content on health and fitness and consuming accurate will enable you to mix dietary advantages of a range of foods with your cooking.

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What to Look For in Cooking Appliances

The term cooking appliances is one that can be applied to a range of items found within your kitchen. A toaster, kettle, grill, steamer and bread maker are just a few examples of basic appliances found within your kitchen; however the term cooking appliances also applies to bigger aspects within the room, cooker, fridge and dishwasher for example as well as microwave. All of these products, both big and small are crucial to cooking and food preparation so don’t just settle for any products, make sure you know what to look for in these products to ensure you get the best deal possible.

When you are in the market for new products for your kitchen you will be more than aware of the scale of the market and the amount that are available to you. All of these have various features but the key is knowing which of these features you need to look out for. An example can be seen through one of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your kitchen where appliances are concerned, which is of course your choice of cooker.

Choosing a cooker is about a lot more than the size of it or the style of it; yes there are various models available but more importantly there are a variety of ways in which these cookers operate. Two of the main types being electric or gas. Let’s start by looking into the gas option; these operate by gas that is ignited by a spark when you turn the oven on. The flame that is lighted and that heats the oven is located in the base at the back of the appliance. As the hot air in this oven rises it means the top of the product will always be the hottest. These are perfect for cooking any type of food and also have the advantage of being used as a slow cooker by simply turning the gas mark down. When it comes to an electric oven it should be noted that these can take a while to reach their desired temperature so it is wise to pre-heat them. With this oven however the thermostat is placed in the middle of the oven but this will also mean the top is slightly hotter.

When you are making your decision about which oven to include in your kitchen layout think about cooking time, in this case I would suggest leaning towards a gas oven as it can double up as slow cooker and, unlike the electric oven, doesn’t need to be preheated. Another aspect that you should consider is which would benefit you more where your gas and electric bills are concerned as you don’t want a perfect oven that is costing you severely every month.

When you are selecting different products for your kitchen, my advice to you is always start with the cooker, this is your main purchase where appliances are concerned and this way you can base all of your other product decisions around this one. It would also help you determine what products you need and what you don’t. For example in many cases with the right oven you will have no reason to go on to buy a slow cooker or a grill.

Make sure your appliances match the style of your kitchen and you have the best products to suit your cooking needs. Little things such as this and the above are all it takes to truly ensure you know what you are looking for where kitchen appliances are concerned.

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Healthy Eating Habits for Diabetic Patient – Balanced Diet Plan for Diabetes

Healthy eating plays a key role in making our life energetic and healthy. Especially in case of diabetic patients, balanced diet is a necessary part for maintaining blood glucose level. By preparing a properly planned diabetic diet, this chronic disease can be well managed. Inclusion of food intake with rich protein concentration is preferred than food with rich carbohydrate concentration. 

Healthy eating does not emphasis on consuming a large quantity of food. Acquiring the needed quantity of food is the core principle behind healthy eating. Desserts, candy, wines and other sugar beverages are some of the restricted food intakes for a diabetic patient. Over inclusion of high caloric food items increases blood sugar level and retards the metabolic rate of the body. So try to take sugar free food items other than sugary products. Preplanned diabetic diet helps to a great extend in maintaining a healthier life. Keep note of diabetic diet for each day or for a week in advance for good result. Try to avoid the regular intake of fast food from restaurants. 

Make sure to include a good proportion of vegetables like beans and fruits in diet which will promote a balanced blood glucose level. Fresh vegetable juice can be preferred over fruit juice due to its low sugar concentration. Studies say that it is better to prefer whole grain products in diet than processed grain products. Try to avoid fried and oily food products in diet. Over consumption of fried chicken and beef products creates accumulation of fatty acids in body. Try to choose boiled meat instead of consuming fried meat products. 

Obesity reduces sugar metabolic rate of the body and increases the blood sugar level. Inclusion of fish in meals is preferred over pork and beef since it consists of only less amount of fat. Consume food items with low saturated fats so as to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Over intake of high caloric value diary products like ice creams and yogurt welcomes diabetes in life. 

Now let’s find answers for some questions like how much to eat and what to eat? Actually the answer for these questions depends on our meal plan. Meal plan helps in avoiding unhealthy food consumption. Foods with rich fiber rich concentration is considered as an ideal food item for diabetic patients. Many doctors advice in including oats in diabetic diet which is a low fat food product. Avoid skipping of regular meals which may induce hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level. Consumption of rice, wheat and potato increases blood sugar level slowly where as consumption of table sugar induces a rapid rise in blood sugar level. This phenomenon can be expressed in terms of glycaemic index value. 

Diabetic patients are advised to take food items with low glycaemic index than those with high glycaemic index. Groundnuts, soybeans, lentils and kidney beans are some of the examples of food items with low glycaemic index. If there is any doubt in planning your meal, never hesitate to consult a dietitian. Planning meals according to diabetic food pyramid is very important for a diabetic patient. Over consumption of junk foods like burgers and soft drinks make blood sugar level to go high. Today many seminars and programs are conducted in hospitals in order to create awareness about diabetic diet. Healthy eating with healthier lifestyle keeps diabetes under control.

Read more about Diabetes Natural Treatment. Also know about Diabetes Home Remedies. Read about Diabetes Signs and Symptoms.

Healthy Food from a Deep Fryer

‘Fat is bad and unhealthy’ is a message that is constantly served up by health experts and enthusiasts but that is not necessarily so; not if one uses a healthy deep fryer. This fryer, which has received rave reviews from health and culinary experts, has been hailed as the healthiest deep fryer there is in the market.

 This amazing fryer can be used to cook up to two pounds of food using an almost unbelievable single tablespoon of cooking oil. What this means is, instead of having to eat fat-drenched French fries, the fries from this fryer will have only three percent of fat on them. This amount is far less and much healthier than the 14 percent fat level the fries would have if a conventional deep fryer was used.

 This deep fryer is even healthier to cook with than a traditional oven and makes your food taste more flavorful and still give it a good texture. It heats up to 338º F and passes around heated air to cook foods like spring rolls, chicken wings, potatoes and shrimp leaving it with a crunchy outer layer and soft, moist interior just like a conventional deep fryer does.

 With this healthy deep fryer, food rotates around the innovative nonstick basin and a built-in stirring mechanism automatically turns and combines ingredients with the single tablespoon of oil. You can also add any flavorings like spices and seasonings which will also be mixed in and everything is cooked evenly. The minimal amount of oil added at the beginning is absorbed by the food.

 This healthy deep fryer is always conveniently easy to use too; it does not require pre-heating like an oven and it has a timer. It is also easy to clean up after use as its basin, stirrer and lid can safely be popped into the dishwasher.

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