What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is also commonly referred to as ascorbic acid, and provides numerous health benefits including the ability to prevent cell damage and repair wounds, the promotion of healthy teeth and gums, and an overall strengthening of the immune system. Vitamin C is also responsible for helping the body absorb iron, and it has also been linked with the prevention of disease and the delaying of aging because Vitamin C destroys free radicals, which are the molecules that are most commonly associated with cell damage and signs of aging. Vitamin C provides numerous health benefits, and promotes overall excellent health for the entire body.

Vitamins are categorized based on the substances in which it ca be dissolved, therefore Vitamin C is categorized as a water soluble vitamin along with the B complex group of vitamins. If there are water soluble vitamins in your system that is not being used by your body, they will be naturally expelled from your body through your urine. For this reason, unlike fat soluble vitamins, it is important for you to get a constant supply of water soluble vitamins so that you consistently have enough in your system.

Because Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, it is important that you consume the right amount of the vitamin all throughout the day. Women and men should both consume at least 60 milligrams of Vitamin C every day in order to get the most out of the vitamin. People who are habitual smokers are required to consume more Vitamin C, because smoking is capable of interfering with how the body uses vitamins. Women who smoke should aim to consume a total of 110 milligrams of Vitamin C in a day and men who are smokers should consume a total of 125 milligrams of Vitamin C per day.

There are a number of excellent sources for Vitamin C. You can obtain Vitamin C through two different primary sources: Whole food sources and synthetic sources. Synthetic sources are available in pill or liquid form, and provide Vitamin C in a way that does not involve natural, whole foods. Whole food sources include citrus juices, citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, green peppers, red peppers and berries. While synthetic vitamin sources like multi vitamin pills and liquids are a great source of vitamin C, obtaining your vitamin C through whole food sources is definitely the healthier, more effective option.

There is such thing is not getting enough Vitamin C, as a vitamin C deficiency causes a disease known as scurvy. While scurvy may be uncommon in the United States, it is still important to get enough Vitamin C. The symptoms associated with scurvy include stiffness in the joints. There is also such thing as taking too much Vitamin C, so it is advisable not to get more than 2,000 milligrams of Vitamin C in a single day, otherwise it may result in a flushed face, increase in urination, headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and some other related symptoms. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take more than the recommended daily amount of this particular vitamin.

There are right ways and wrong ways to store or care for your vitamins if you want to get the most out of them. If you are getting your Vitamin C from natural, whole food sources then it is vital that you refrigerate your fresh produce, and that you keep grains and milk away from strong light exposure. It is easy for vitamins to e washed out of your foods during preparation, or destroyed during the cooking or storing process. If you are taking liquid or pill synthetic vitamin supplements, you should aim to have them stored in cool, dark and dry places as moisture, warm temperatures and sunlight can destroy the efficiency of these vitamin supplements without you knowing it.

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Use Vital G-30 Herbal Energy Enhancer Pills For Women To Stay Active And Healthy

Women usually suffer from a lot of problems each month because of their use menstrual cycle. There are a lot of hormonal changes that occur in their body and this causes them to suffer a great deal. They are not able to be active all the time, Stress and tiredness overtakes their body and they feel tired at the end of the day. This makes them unable to provide complete satisfaction to their partners in bed. It is important for such women to use Vital G-30 herbal energy enhancer pills for women to stay active and healthy. There are several benefits that the women will be able to gain when they use these medications. 

The main benefit is that they will be active and healthy at all times. The hormonal problems can be overcome because the herbs that are used in the manufacturing of the Vital G-30 Capsules will help to overcome the hormonal changes. In fact, the herbs will help in maintaining the hormonal balance in the body in such a manner that the person who uses the Vital G-30 Capsules will be rid of all hormonal problems.

It is important to use Vital G-30 herbal energy enhancer pills for women to stay active and healthy. Though some women have obtained treatment from well known physicians, they have not been able to lead a peaceful life because of the hormonal changes that are not easy to control. These women will feel weak and this causes them to burst out in anger at times. These mood changes are common in women and this could lead to a rift in the family. To prevent all these and to ensure good health, it is important to use the Vital G-30 Capsules on a regular basis.

If women use Vital G-30 herbal energy enhancer pills for women to stay active and healthy, they will not have to undergo the pain of struggling through life each and every day. It does not matter if the women is a working woman or a housewife, but the drugs will help all women to get over their daily problems including lack of energy and lack of good health. So, if you are in such a situation, there is no time to lose. You should use Vital G-30 herbal energy enhancer pills for women to stay active and healthy and get over all kinds of hormonal and health problems.

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For People Who Want To Cook, But Can't Get Started

Today, I want to help eliminate the doubt that you don’t know how to cook, because I know that you can. Now, don’t shake your head at me, I know that I’m right! You see, today, I am going to give you information about cooking that will help you to understand that learning to cook starts with you. Not a recipe…not even with one of my lessons.

Look, everyone can make something to feed themselves, even if you are one of the Worst Cooks in America. And to prove that you can learn to cook, we’re going to start without pots or pans and you’re not going to touch a stove, food, look at a recipe or take a single cooking class.

Are you ready? Here’s the first step…

Examine what you already know.

Seriously, what is the one thing that you can cook, that consistently meets your expectations? What is the one meal or dish that you can make with or without a recipe, just because you like it and you want it? It may be that you have two or three dishes like this, but let’s start with the one thing that you can make confidently.

If it’s just opening a can of soup and heating it up, start there.
If you can cook a really good grilled cheese sandwich, start there.
If you can grill a hamburger, but can’t cook inside, start there.
If you make great tomato sauce, but can make alfredo, start there.

With each of the above examples, what you may not realize is that you already understand a basic cooking method and not only can you learn how to cook, but you will be able to make amazing dishes!

If you start with what you can do, understand and what you like, then you just need a little confidence to attempt a variation. You might not realize that you’re already performing a basic cooking method, you just don’t know what it is. Hey, don’t look now, but I think you’re learning how to cook!

In my next post, I’ll introduce you to a cooking method as a general concept and by taking a look at what you cook already, what you already know, I’ll teach you to add variations. With this information within your grasp, you will learn how to cook!

By Anonymous

How To Lose Excess Body Fat In A Healthy And Safe Way?

Are you having trouble getting rid of that excess fat? Have you ever considered herbal remedies to lose excess body fat in a healthy way? That’s right; there are a large number of herbal remedies available out there that help you get rid of that stubborn fat. This method of weight loss is ideal for people that have trouble exercising or have decreased immunity. This is one of the safest ways of losing weight as well since herbs don’t really react with any other things.

Now, let’s take a look at a few herbal remedies that can help you lose excess body fat in a healthy way:

1. Trikatu – This word means ‘three species’ in Sanskrit. It is basically a very powerful combination which assists you with weight loss and also helps in clearing your lungs. When consumed together these herbs may even help you lower your cholesterol. It is recommended that you consume Trikatu along with some honey and follow it up with a couple of pinches of Trikatu mixed in a nice glass of tomato juice. Remember to leave a gap of at least two hours between consuming these herbs and eating breakfast.

2. Papaya – You could even consider eating papaya for breakfast. Apart from helping you lose weight, it is also good for your stomach. It cleans harmful toxins from your blood and also facilitates bowel movement. If you don’t like the taste of papaya, try it with some pepper powder. 

3. Yerba Mate – This herb along with others such as rose hips and Rooibos can be used to make an extremely effective herbal tea. Apart from facilitating weight loss, it also helps increase energy and has a high level of vitamin C.

4. Garcinia – This is a very effective method of weight loss. This herb contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps with weight loss and is a component of most weight loss supplements. Consuming garcinia in an herbal tea is much better than consuming it in extract form. It is not recommended for children though so be careful.

If the above weight loss suggestions are not suitable for you there is another product you could try. Figura capsules are popular slimming pills recommended for those who want to lose excess body fat in a healthy way. It is an ayurvedic product and hence, has no side effects. There are three main benefits of consuming Figura capsules:

1. It ensures optimal utilization of all nutrients.

2. It helps control your appetite and does an excellent job of reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

3. It oxidizes fatty cells in your body which leads to weight loss over a period of time.

There are even medical experts that recommend these capsules for aiding people with diabetes, cardiac problems and even high blood pressure. But be careful as the product is not safe for people suffering from renal failure or jaundice. It is also not recommended for pregnant women to consume it. The recommended dosage is thrice a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Irrespective of which of the above herbal remedies you choose to help lose excess body fat in a healthy way it is important that you know to include some exercise along with the consumption of these pills. Even a brisk walk for half an hour a day is enough. Basically, the harder you work, the better the results.

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Easy Cooking Ideas a Recipe Book Will Never Tell You

If you’re looking for easy cooking ideas, stop searching in recipe books! Instead, look at your cooking basics. One of the best basic cooking methods to employ for quick dishes is stove-top sauté. Sauté is a direct source, conductive cooking method that uses intense heat to cook and brown products quickly and easily. It’s the best way to get dinner done quickly, regardless of the ingredients you choose.

The most important part of the sauté method is getting the pan hot first. This is one of the biggest mistakes home cooks make that gets in the way of easy cooking. Putting your protein product into the pan and then heating the pan and the product together actually makes cooking more difficult. If you don’t hear a distinct “sizzle” when you add something to the pan, it’s not hot enough. The first thing your protein product will do is release moisture and if you are heating the product at the same time as the pan, you will end up with a dried finished product.

After you’re sure your pan is ready, you’ll need a small amount of fat to transfer the heat from the bottom of the pan to the item you’re cooking. This is one of the cooking basics you can’t ignore. Keep in mind that the use of fat in sauté is meant only to help with heat transfer. This is different from pan frying, where you fill the pan with oil in a moist, convective fashion. So, use only a small amount of fat for sauté.

Once your item is cooked under the direct heat of the stove top, then you can add any type aromatics that you would like, such as onion, garlic, or ginger. Quickly cook them in the leftover pan-drippings or “fond” to combine the flavors.

Now comes the fun of sauté method and the best of all easy cooking ideas, how to make a quick pan sauce. Any type of cold liquid will quickly drop the temperature of the pan and lift the fond from the bottom, allowing you to combine flavors and leave a flavorful liquid that you can thicken or reduce for a sauce.

Quick dishes and easy cooking ideas always come from cooking basics. Once you have an understanding of these basic methods, you can use them over and over again to create dinner ideas from the ingredients you have on hand.

By Anonymous